Enthusiasts: ADAC: Camping in NRW cheaper than in the national average

Wüst requested by the Registrar pace of vaccination

 Wüst requested by the Registrar pace of vaccination Dusseldorf. The NRW state premier urges Chancellor Scholz, to keep his word to the vaccination. Here should not be played on time. Doctors 'and pharmacists' associations hold a vaccination due to weakening effect of the vaccine against it pointless. Federal and state governments want to tighten the rules for catering. © Malte Krudewig Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst.

camping holiday is cheaper in North Rhine-Westphalia than in many other federal states. To this result comes the ADAC camping portal «Pincamp», which has evaluated and compared the prices of more than 2,500 campsites in Germany and Europe.

In in Nordrhein-Westfalen ist Camping-Urlaub besonders günstig, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern eher teuer. Das ergab eine Auswertung ADAC-Campingportal. © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa-TMN in in North Rhine-Westphalia Camping holiday is particularly favorable, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern rather expensive. This gave an evaluation ADAC camping portal.

Thus, a family with two adults and a ten-year-old child this year to Rhine and Ruhr averaging 37.02 euros per night, the ADAC announced. Thus, there is a centerfeldplatz in the federal state comparison with a midfield and lying under the nationwide average price of 38.33 euros per night. According to ADAC,

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camping friends must generally expect higher costs this year. The price for an overnight stay in NRW increases on average by six percent compared to 2021. Nationwide, the places are only three percent more expensive than in the previous year.

in NRW spend the night campers in the Bergisches Land (28.33 euros) and in the Tecklenburg country (32.90) particularly inexpensive, slightly more expensive it is in the Teutoburger Forest (34.50). Also in the Eifel (36,99), in Sauerland (36,86) and on the Lower Rhine (37.98), the prices are still under the federal section. Camping fans have to pay in the North Rhine-Westphalian part of the Weserbergland for a family overnight stay (41.83). However, as well as on Lower Rhine, there are very well equipped 4- and 4.5-star places (ADAC classification).

Accommodation Flawed: NRW Cities demand "one-to-one reimbursement"

 Accommodation Flawed: NRW Cities demand of the city and municipal office NRW calls by federal and state "urgent more support, preferably a one-to-one reimbursement" in the accommodation of refugees Of Ukraine. The burden is already "immense" and will continue to increase, said the main executive of the city and community budgets NRW, Christof Sommer, on Friday in the WDR. © Csaba Peter Rakoczy Over 1000 refugees from Ukraine are housed in the fair hall 3 of the Cologne Mass.

included in the comparative price are to ADAC information of the car or caravan stand as well as the most important utilities such as electricity, warm showers and tourist taxes. The prices relate to high season and places with an ADAC classification of three or more stars. "Camping is unbroken as a holiday shape," said Dirk Schneider from the ADAC. There are still parking spaces available even in popular tourism regions. For Easter, Pentecost and in the summer holidays it could be «but many places to be tight».

comparatively expensive is camping holiday in the German tourism cubes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with an average price of 42.63 euros, Schleswig-Holstein (40,66), Baden-Württemberg (40,20) and Bavaria (39,17). The cheapest can be reached in Saarland (32:29) and Saxony-Anhalt (33.21).

Europe-wide is Germany to Sweden the second cheapest camping country. The highest prices in the country comparison numbers Camper in Switzerland (64,15), Croatia (60,37) and Italy (60.28). Less than 50 euros per night one pays except in Germany and Sweden only in Denmark, the Netherlands and France.

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