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Enthusiasts: The Social Network Twitter Cuts Russia's Propaganda Faucet

What an import stop for Russian energy would mean

 What an import stop for Russian energy would mean Moscow. The West Stranded Russia with sanctions and further buys energy there. The Federal Government warns of an import stop. Germany is still dependent on Russia. Consumers would have to be afraid of further price increases, but probably no pension gap. © Jan Waitas This image shows a gas storage system in Saxony-Anhalt. Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green) has warned about an import stop for Russian energy.

Le réseau social Twitter limite plus de 300 comptes du gouvernement russe, profils officiels des ministères et des ambassades, ainsi que les comptes des hauts fonctionnaires russes. © AP - Richard Drew The Twitter Social Network limits more than 300 Russian government accounts, official profiles of departments and embassies, as well as accounts of senior Russian officials .

The Twitter Social Network has announced new measures against Russian government accounts to reduce the circulation of Kremlin's propaganda on the social network.

Western Internet platforms and particularly social networks engage in a real online war of information since the beginning of the Russian offensive in Ukraine on February 24. The information on the Ukrainian conflict circulating on social platforms would strongly displease the Moscow authorities. And to curb any possible dispute within its population, Russia has set up a state censorship of the Internet whose objective is to erase any reference to the murderer conflict of Ukraine.

War in Ukraine: Norway muscle its army against the "danger" of Russia

 War in Ukraine: Norway muscle its army against the The government will unlock more than 300 million euros for the army © EPN / Newscom / SIPA 60 soldiers of the Norwegian army arrived in Lithuania on Sunday, February 27, 2022 as part of the strengthening of NATO in Lithuania. Defense - The Government will unlock more than 300 million euros for the army the Norway consolidates its defense. The government announced this Friday that it would unblock more than 300 million euros for the army .

This censor has fallen in an undifferentiated way on all the media of the country like televisions, newspapers, but also on the simple individuals of social networks. The Internet users have prohibited, under penalty of prison, to use in their messages the words "war" or "invasion" and even less to evoke the massacres perpetrated by the Russian military against the Ukrainian civilians. And in order to better control the online dissemination channels, the Russian security department, the FSB, through a Moscow court simply decided to block certain social networks, including Facebook and Instagram, considering that They led online and on its territory, "extremist" activities.

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Totalnergies renounces Russian oil and diesel by the end of the year

 Totalnergies renounces Russian oil and diesel by the end of the year © Christophe Archambault, AFP The headquarters of the Total Group in the business district of the Defense near Paris, May 28 2021. Under pressure from the triggering of the war in Ukraine, the French energy giant decided Tuesday to "no longer conclude or renew purchase contracts and Russian petroleum products" by the end of 2022. On the other hand, Totalnergies will continue to ensure the supply of Europe in liquefied natural gas from Russia.

If Twitter still remained accessible in Russia, its access was strongly restricted for Internet users in the country. This is one of the reasons why the Californian firm has just taken radical measures against more than 300 official accounts of the Government of Vladimir Putin. "We will not facilitate the dissemination of statement of government accounts that limit free access to information and are involved in armed conflicts, whether or not Twitter is blocked in a country," justifies the Group.

Targeted accounts include the official profiles of departments and embassies, as well as the accounts of Russian senior officials. In concrete terms, they will no longer be "recommended" to the users of the platform, in any of the categories of the website or through its mobile application. Their messages will no longer be displayed in the news feed, the research carried out by Internet users on the contents that have already been published will not be referenced, specifies Twitter in its statement.

The social network also notes that its platform was ultimately used to resume propaganda messages orchestrated by the Kremlin. And Twitter is determined to cut the Russian illegal tap. The network announces, moreover, that it will require the removal of tweets published by government media accounts or affiliated with the state of Vladimir Putin who share content representing prisoners of war in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

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live: Ultimatum of Russia to Ukrainian soldiers present at Maroupol .
© Alexei Alexandrov of the military military of the People's Republic of Donetsk pass in front of damaged apartment buildings near the Illich Metallurgical factory Iron & Steel Works, the second largest metallurgical company in Ukraine, in a zone controlled by the separatist forces supported by Russia in Maroupol, Ukraine, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

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