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Enthusiasts: Images show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian soldiers

In front of its European embassies, Russia receives a pair of plates

 In front of its European embassies, Russia receives a pair of plates © Petras Malukas Lithuanian workers change the plate of the new "street of Ukrainian heroes", close to the Russian Embassy in Lithuania, March 9, 2022. Failing to engage militarily in Ukraine, several countries, especially Europeans, have decided to change the names of streets and places close to their Russian embassies in support of the Ukrainian people. In Norway, the crossroads in front of the Russian Embassy, ​​in the center of Oslo, did not really have a name until last Tuesday.

Image d'illustration. Des soldats ukrainiens passent devant des véhicules blindés russes détruits dans le village de Dmytrivka. © Genya Savilov / AFP Illustration Image. Ukrainian soldiers pass in front of Russian armored vehicles destroyed in the village of Dmytrivka.

images posted on Telegram At the beginning of the week - CAUTION The content is very violent - have circulated a lot on social networks. They would show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian military captured in the kyiv region.

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In this video, translated by the Figaro , one can actually see a group of soldiers, some of which bear the blue armband of the Ukrainian military. In front of a Russian military elongated on the ground, in the middle of a pond of blood, the exchange of soldiers in the blue armband is distinctly heard. " shit, he's still alive, you've seen, he is breathless ", begins the first, before the second shot twice on the man on the ground, which continues to move. " leaves it fucking shit," we hear then before one of the Ukrainian soldiers gets russian again. "No, I do not want to leave it ," he adds. " Here are your little defenders of the homeland, manure! ". Next, three other soldiers, apparently Russian too, one who has his hands attached and an injury to the head, seem dead. Ukrainian ambuscade

Sting, Pink Floyd, Madonna, The Cure: The rock stars give voice to condemn Putin and support the Ukrainian people

 Sting, Pink Floyd, Madonna, The Cure: The rock stars give voice to condemn Putin and support the Ukrainian people concerts or canceled tours, boycott streaming platforms and messages on social networks denouncing the war in Ukraine For a few days, Music Stars have been mobilizing and multiplying initiatives. © Provided by FranceInfo Condemnation of Madonna, Russian tour canceled by Iggy Pop, withdrawal of Pink Floyd Russian platforms, call for donations of Sting, Charity T-shirts of The Cure, initiatives for Ukraine emerging in the Sphere Pop / Rock to support the country.

Where could this video be recorded? The

New York Time notes that the scene takes place at a hundred meters from a BMD-2, an infantry combat vehicle used by Russian airborne units. Identified in open sources, the images were shot north of the village of Dmytrivka west of kyiv. The Ukrainian press agency UNIAN states that the airborne Russian unit would have been ambushed at the end of March while the Russians withdrew from the kyiv region. The New York Time also reports that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense welcomed Twitter in a video clip of the destruction of a Russian convoy. The ambush is also documented in images by the independent journalist Oz Katerji . " These are not even human beings ," says a Ukrainian soldier in the clip relayed by the Ukrainian ministry stating that two Russian lieutenants were taken prisoner.

Totalnergies renounces Russian oil and diesel by the end of the year

 Totalnergies renounces Russian oil and diesel by the end of the year © Christophe Archambault, AFP The headquarters of the Total Group in the business district of the Defense near Paris, May 28 2021. Under pressure from the triggering of the war in Ukraine, the French energy giant decided Tuesday to "no longer conclude or renew purchase contracts and Russian petroleum products" by the end of 2022. On the other hand, Totalnergies will continue to ensure the supply of Europe in liquefied natural gas from Russia.

At which unit belongs the Ukrainian soldiers of the video? The military repeatedly repeated "

glory to Ukraine ", but it is difficult to identify precisely their regiment. In another video dated March 30 and relayed by the Ukrainian press agency Unian, we see the same place, but with a different angle. Russian soldiers on the ground have the same position. Camera face, a soldier is expressed. It is part of the " Georgian Legion ", affirms the press agency, a paramilitary unit of Georgian volunteers which formed to combat on behalf of Ukraine in 2014.

The unit denied this information in A statement on his Facebook page. The commander of the Georgian Legion

Mamuka Mamulashvili had nevertheless stated in a Russian media that he would not do prisoners, " like the soldiers of Kadyrov ".

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Other images showed last week

Ukrainian soldiers pulling in the legs of Russian prisoners . This treatment of prisoners of war is clearly qualified as war crime according to the international humanitarian law governed by the Geneva Conventions. Following the dissemination of these images, the Human Rights Watch NGO called the Ukrainian authorities Thursday, March 31 to investigate potential " war crimes".

live: Ultimatum of Russia to Ukrainian soldiers present at Maroupol .
© Alexei Alexandrov of the military military of the People's Republic of Donetsk pass in front of damaged apartment buildings near the Illich Metallurgical factory Iron & Steel Works, the second largest metallurgical company in Ukraine, in a zone controlled by the separatist forces supported by Russia in Maroupol, Ukraine, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

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