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Enthusiasts: Bloodtrotes Water in the Crater Lake of a Super Vulkan - What's behind it?

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The Phlegraean fields in the Italian Campania region are classified by experts as a super volcano, because the volcanic activity is particularly high. The worrying thing is the fact that the fact that the water of the craterleaes Lago d'Averno belonging to the Phlegraean fields has been colored blood red for several weeks. What is behind the phenomenon.

Normally, the water in Lago d'Averno near Naples in deep blue lights up, especially when the sun shines. But about three weeks ago, the lake suddenly began to discolor himself red, as among other things, the Italian newspaper " Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno " reports. And the phenomenon still stops. Gorgeous visitors thought the newspaper first, someone gave illegally disposed of chemicals in the lake. Other maths, the mafia tilted blood into Lago d'Averno, because the lake was still a well-known mafia boss until 12 years ago. The state had confiscated and confiscated the property with the lake at that time, the mafia boss was sentenced to a prison sentence.

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or has the red coloring to do something with reinforced seismic activity of the phlegraean fields and is even harbinger for an outbreak of the Supervulkan , as others suspected? In fact, none of the three theories is true. This was announced by the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) on his Facebook page last Monday. "The change in the color of the Lago d'Averno is certainly not a phenomenon associated with volcanic activity," it says there.

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Why the water in Lago d'Averno really red is

according to INGV is a seasonal and more frequent phenomenon that focuses on the propagation of certain algae species and the eutrophication of the Lakes in connection with certain climatic conditions was due. This leads to the water taking a reddish brown color. Like "Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno", calling on the regional environmental protection agency Arpac, it comes mainly in the winter months in Lake D'Averno to these algae blossoms. These are the Burgundy, which counts to the blue algae. Through their propagation, the lake turns red.

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Display   Blutrotes Wasser im Kratersee eines Supervulkans – was steckt dahinter? © Provided by TravelBook from Naples: Day tour to Capri and the blue grotto Visit the most exclusive island of Italy with a local, first class rated guide. 132 reviews on offer

By the way: The Lago d'Averno and the surrounding area is definitely worth a trip when making it vacation in Naples and sometimes out of the city's out. The lake is surrounded by vineyards, and nearby you can visit the ruins of an ancient Roman temple.

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