Enthusiasts: pipeline is intended to connect LNG terminal to natural gas network

Federal Government wants no to affect nuclear power towards Brussels

 Federal Government wants no to affect nuclear power towards Brussels Berlin. The EU Commission wants to increase gas and nuclear power plants under certain conditions as "green" investments. The Federal Government wants to reaffirm its clear no against this classification. © Stefan Puchner The nuclear power plant in Swabian Gundremmingen has set its operation during the nuclear phase-out on New Year's Eve. The Federal Government wants to reiterate its clear NO to the classification of nuclear power as a sustainable investment towards the EU Commission.

In order to connect the planned import terminal for liquid density (LNG) in Wilhelmshaven to the gas transmission system, a 30-kilometer pipeline should be created in the district of Friesland until the end of this year.

Der Jade-Weser-Port mit den Rohren der Tankerlöschbrücke im Vordergrund. Um Flüssigerdgas (LNG) über ein geplantes Importterminal in Wilhelmshaven anzulanden, soll ine rund 30 Kilometer lange Leitung vom Hafen bis ins ostfriesische Etzel (Kreis Wittmund) gebaut werden. © Sina Schult / DPA The Jade Weser Port with the pipes of the tanker extinguishing bridge in the foreground. To land with liquid density (LNG) via a planned import terminal in Wilhelmshaven, InE is to be built around 30 kilometers long lead from the harbor to the East Frisian Etzel (Wittmund district).

Together with a floating platform, over which the liquefied gas is reached and reinserted, should be started so at the latest from the beginning of 2023 with the LNG import via Wilhelmshaven. Corresponding plans set Lower Saxony's Energy Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) along with the gas network operator Open Grid Europe (OGE), which wants to build the management, and representatives of municipalities on Friday in Hooksiel.

Lead 1-EU Ready to reduce its energy dependence on Moscow, but obstacles remain

 Lead 1-EU Ready to reduce its energy dependence on Moscow, but obstacles remain EU-Summit / Energy (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-EU Ready to reduce its energy dependence on Moscow, but Obstacles remain (Updated with Tweet of Von der Leyen) by Kate Abnett and Philip Blenkinsop Brussels, March 10 (Reuters) - The European Summit of Versailles should lead to an agreement in principle to end more or less long expiry dependence of the European Union countries vis-à-vis oil, gas and Russian coal but the twenty-seven remain divided on the issue of a cap of gas prices or the opportunity

three companies are ready for construction

to reduce the dependence of gas supplies from Russia, Wilhelmshaven offers three companies in Uniper, Belgian company Tree Energy Solutions and North-West Oellriebung GmbH, which are available for building a LNG Import terminals would be in question. However, according to the Energy Ministry in Hannover, permanently installed terminals could be ready for energy at the earliest from 2025 - in advance in Wilhelmshaven Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU), which are floating landlord and storage platforms, which can be used on which LNG tankers can handle.

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The federal government wants to install three of these floating import terminals in Germany at short notice. Where exactly the plants are docking, is not yet known. Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have already lifted their finger.

130 flights in Frankfurt canceled: Union Warning strikes at airports from

 130 flights in Frankfurt canceled: Union Warning strikes at airports from The previous negotiations on a new collective agreement failed. On Wednesday, employers and Verdi want to meet new talks. © Photo: DPA / Julian Stratenschulten Security staff From Hannover Airport, a warning strike at Terminal A. because of the nationwide warning strikes on the security checks, numerous flights have failed at the Frankfurt Airport.

still missing a pipeline

as an area for such Fsrus stands in Wilhelmshaven, not far from the deep-sea Jade-Weser port, the envelope system Vosslapper Groden ready, a around two kilometers of investors - these would have to be rebuilt for docking the FSRU. What is still missing is the now planned pipeline from the Vosslapper Groden to the next connection point of the gas transmission network. At first, the leadership should be able to transport a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters, with a further expansion of the gas network in the hinterland in the medium term, according to Open Grid Europe, up to 22 billion.

In response to the Ukraine war, Chancellor Olaf Scholz had announced the rapid construction of two LNG terminals in Germany and called Brunsbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein and Wilhelmshaven in Lower Saxony as sites. Also in the Lower Saxony Stade are planning for a liquid density terminal. LNG is deep-cooled natural gas liquefied under high pressure, which can be transported in tankers and to be used as an alternative to pipeline gas in Europe. So far, the EU has just under half of its traditional natural gas requirements from Russia.

Gazprom Share: Network Agency Recognizes Confidence in Gazprom Germania - Sets Agents at Gazprom Germania An .
The Federal Network Agency promotes the preliminary assumption of control over the Germany business of Russian gas giant Gazprom to trust in society. © Provided by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images The continuation of the business operations of the Gazprom Germania is essential for the energy supply in Germany, it was said in one of the news agency Reuters on Friday this letter from authority boss Klaus Müller to banks , Business partners, service providers and customers.

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