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Enthusiasts: Photo Jean-Luc Reichmann: This person dear to his heart for whom he voted

video - "I'm not perfect": Jean-Michel Blanquer sketch a mea culpa

 video - © screenshot france info video - "I'm not perfect": Jean-Michel Blanquer sketch a mea culpa this Friday January 14, Jean-Michel Blanquer was invited from the morning of France Info. Asked about the teacher's strike at the watch, the Minister of Education apologized. In the aftermath of an strike and an mobilization massive teachers in France, jean-michel blanquet , in the heart of critics , was the guest from 8h30 from the morning of France info This Friday, January 14th.

PHOTO Jean-Luc Reichmann : cette personne chère à son cœur pour qui il a voté © Patrick Bernard / Bestimage Photo Jean-Luc Reichmann: That person dear to his heart for whom he voted as millions of French, Jean-Luc Reichmann went to vote on the occasion of the first round of the presidential 2022. On his Instagram account, the lodging of the 12 noon has made a beautiful wink to the one who will always have a place of choice in his heart.

The family is sacred and that, Jean-Luc Reichmann knows it too well. The handle animator 12 knocks on TF1 can be very busy, he always has a tender thought for his family, with whom he is very close. to 61, the husband of Nathalie LeCoultre remains particularly attached to his grandmother, Georgette. On August 8th, the latter had celebrated his hundredth anniversary. A birthday that the actor of Léo Matteï would have missed for nothing in the world. To celebrate the centenary of it, Jean-Luc Reichmann had had the idea of ​​sharing a video where she beat with a sewing plate at Scrabble his mom and wife. A nice moment of complicity that always moves the presenter. "The smile of Game Georgette", he wrote, very moved to be alongside his granny . On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, the trublion of the first chain had shared a new picture of his grandmother , accompanied by a tender message. "We unmasked ourselves just to reveal the smile of Game Georgette, born in 1921, to wish us all, with smile, benevolence, and love, a very very beautiful end of the year 2021" , he wrote as a legend.

comic strip. Death of Jean-Claude Mézières, co-creator of "Valerian and Laureline"

 comic strip. Death of Jean-Claude Mézières, co-creator of © West-France Jean-Claude Mézières has influenced many comics authors. He was one of the big figures of the Franco-Belgian BD. Influences many authors as a result, it is one of the great figures of the Franco-Belgian BD, with a predilection for science fiction. The comic book author Jean-Claude Mézières , Valerian and Laureline series cocutor, died on the night from Saturday to Sunday, announced his publisher Dargaud.

Jean-Luc Reichmann vote for Granny Georgette

This Sunday, April 10, on the occasion of the first round of the presidential election , Jean-Luc Reichmann shared an message to the attention of his 696,000 subscribers on Instagram. This year, it's Acté, the animator of the 12 noon shots will vote for ... his grandmother! "Today I vote Game Georgette! ️ ... Born on August 8, 1921, it is she who has the experience", has written as a legend, all accompanied by an unprecedented photo in black And white of his grandmother 100 years old and he . A cliché that once again waited for its subscribers, many numerous to comment the image posted by Jean-Luc Reichmann. "Take good care of your little grandmother. Good Sunday to you two", "You're right, I would have voted for her too, good Sunday to you two", "You are beautiful. Kisses to your grandmother" , "You are radiating! Where do we vote for Granny?", Have they written, visibly all loans to vote for Granny Georgette.

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