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Enthusiasts: United States: In a Miami gas station, Record inflation feeds defiance for biden

Gazprom: Russian gas continues to west

 Gazprom: Russian gas continues to west Russian gas flows according to the state company Gazprom continues to west the normal extent over Ukraine. This reported the news agency Interfax on Sunday, citing Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kuprijanov. © Igor Russak / dpa The Gazprom logo can be seen on a branch of the Russian State Group in St. Petersburg.

Dans une station service du sud des États-Unis, le 19 février 2022 (Image illustration). © AP - Rogelio V. Solis in a South American service station, February 19, 2022 (Image Illustration )

It is a record inflation in the United States. On one year, prices rose 8.5% according to the figures announced this week by the Labor Department. Rising the price of rents, gas and gas. The White House challenges war in Ukraine, but at the pump, many Americans are exasperated and already think about the next election.

of our correspondent to Miami, David Thomson

at the gas pump, when entering his blue card, Tom monitors the prices of the day. Inflation has been at the highest for 40 years in the United States, and for this retiree of the US Army, the manager is all: It's called Joe Biden. "Two years ago, when Trump was in power, I paid $ 1 50/1 dollar 75 Gallon. Today, it can exceed 4.50 the gallon! »

What an import stop for Russian energy would mean

 What an import stop for Russian energy would mean Moscow. The West Stranded Russia with sanctions and further buys energy there. The Federal Government warns of an import stop. Germany is still dependent on Russia. Consumers would have to be afraid of further price increases, but probably no pension gap. © Jan Waitas This image shows a gas storage system in Saxony-Anhalt. Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green) has warned about an import stop for Russian energy.

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This price increase also strikes basic necessities and rents. Tom will have to leave Miami, the city has become too expensive for him. "32% increase in one year! Our income does not increase as fast! Everything increases, the meat, the races. My mother is 81 years old, she hardly gets away. Now people are starting to understand who is really Joe Biden, "he continues.

"When people pay at the pump, it makes them think"

in the mid-term elections in November, the Republican Party hopes to take advantage of this exasperation. This same, Scott Presley, a pro-Trump influencer very followed on the internet, came to pose his booth directly in this Miami gas station. His message: against inflation, vote Republican! "When people pay at the pump, it makes them think about the policies of the Biden administration," he says.

But outside inflation, the indicators are green: record growth, unemployment at the lowest. And if 90% of Republicans disapprove Joe Biden's economic policy according to the surveys, 70% of the Democrats are satisfied.

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