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Enthusiasts: Tunisia: a merchant ship carrying 750 tons of diesel flows off Gabes

Tonga: The aircraft carrying emergency aid will be able to land

 Tonga: The aircraft carrying emergency aid will be able to land © UNITAR / AFP L ES first aircraft carrying emergency help for the Tonga islands will be able to land after the main landing track The country was released on Wednesday of the ashes that covered it, four days after an eruption and a devastating tsunami. "The main landing track, which was buried under five to ten centimeters of volcanic ash, is operational again," announced at AFP , Jonathan Veitch, in charge of coordinating operations for the United Nations.

Golfe de Gabès, au large de la Tunisie. © © Wikimedia Gulf of Gabes, off Tunisia.

In Tunisia, a cargo ship sank, in the morning of this Saturday, April, off the city of Gabès in the center of the country. The authorities are now dreading a black tide.

With our correspondent in Tunis, Amira Souilem

Flying Equatorial Guinea Pavilion, transiting by Egypt and to Malta, the Xelo vessel was in trouble, since Friday night, in the Mediterranean.

Faced with very difficult weather conditions, the freighter had obtained permission to get closer to the Tunisian coasts. As it was 7 kilometers from the Gulf of Gabès, in the south-east of the country, the tanker began to take the water. It has been infiltrated in the machine room up to nearly two meters high, according to a statement from the Tunisian Ministry of the Environment. The urgency was then to rescue the crew.

The concerns of the authorities are now focused on the ship's cargo: no less than 750 tonnes of diesel now threaten to spill in Tunisian waters. Faced with a possible black tide, the Tunisian Ministry of the Environment declares to implement all that is possible to make to control the situation.

Bavarian lake shipping starts in the season .
After your winter break, the fleet of Bavarian lake aisle on Good Friday officially looks at the anchors. This will also start the season on Ammersee and Starnberger See the season, the Bavarian Heimsmater Ministry announced on Wednesday in Munich. On the Tegernsee the ships have been traveling again since the end of March. The fleet of Königssee drive throughout the year. © Felix Hörhager / DPA / archive image at the rear of the ship "MS Starnberg" blows a flag in the Bavarian colors.

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