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Enthusiasts: Easter fire! Polar Bear Eric Mik is hot with family tradition hot for the semi-final

Following its fall on stage, Eric Antoine unveils the nature of his wound and announces a bad news to his fans

 Following its fall on stage, Eric Antoine unveils the nature of his wound and announces a bad news to his fans © SYSPEO / SIPA Following his fall on stage, Eric Antoine reveals the nature of his wound and announces a bad New to his fans this Tuesday, January 18, the humorist and magician Eric Antoine unveiled on social networks the nature of his injury, caused by a fall on stage this weekend, all accompanied by a bad news for his public.

in the turbo quarterfinals of the polar bears against the Kölner Haie (3: 0 in the best-of-five series), it went hotly hot on the ice. But Eric Mik (22) can not be hot enough. Therefore, there is still a small Easter fire at the Miks in the Schildewower Garden.

  Osterfeuer! Eisbär Eric Mik macht sich mit Familien-Tradition heiß für das Halbfinale © Provided by Berliner Kurier

"This is tradition with us. We meet in family with my grandparents from Rosenthal, my parents, my girlfriend Antonia and me to a small Easter celebration, "says Eric with a smile around the sophisticated play-off beard. That this works this year is also a consequence of performance. "Our march against Cologne gives me free Easter days. We use this. "

"Remight": How Eric Zemmour has changed speech

 © Copyright 2022, Obs often varies. The Far Right Candidate announced Monday, March 21, on the plateau of M6, wanted to create a Ministry of "Remigration" if elected President of the Republic. A proposal he once again defended after a stroll on the Aulnay-sous-Bois market, on Tuesday. But the adoption by the candidate of this sulfurer term, from the identity circles, was not made without round trip. "Obs" opened the closet.

Speaking of use: This made Mik also with the chance that offered him to the polar bears. Sports director Stéphane Richer is no one who sings like praise hymns just because a good game is delivered. But after the 4-0 in Game 3 against Cologne, he liked to talk to a judgment: "Eric Mik has made a great performance jump this year."

which sounds good for the defender, because the contract is likely to be the contract for Be perfect next year. Mik: "I do not want to build away from the polar bears."

How reliable coach Serge Aubin can build on the once in the Prussians in the P9 ice hall in the bell tower road Eric, reveals the statistics of the main round. Only Mik, Jonas Müller and Kai Wissmann ran there in all 55 games. On an average of just 13 minutes of ice time per game, 15 scorer points (2 goals, 13 assists) and a plus / minus value (on the ice at gates or goose) of plus 15 can be quite proud of.

"I am the only candidate who cares about the end of France," says Eric Zemmour

 © provided by Europe 1 guest of "Europe morning" Tuesday in the aftermath of his "Grand Oral", the reconquest candidate ! Eric Zemmour felt he was "the only candidate" who cared for "the end of France", while making a connection with the purchasing power. "The day France will disappear, the ends of month will be much more difficult," warned the former polemicist.

so that the condition is right, Eric often sits in the saddle of a bicycle ergometer in the "Welli", the speed he gets on the ice. Of course, his lifness recognized coach Aubin immediately and also put him in the storm often. Meanwhile, Mik is considered a solid size in the defense: "Of course I am glad. On the other hand, the missions in the storm have also brought some experiences. I was able to watch exactly how the defenders of other teams react to the strikers. "

not enough. He also wants to study with good graduation. What exactly, he still leaves open. "I've asked about the University of Applied Sciences Hagen. But I would have to pay 10,000 euros per academic year. This is too much for an ice hockey player, "he is honest.

Future Music. Mik: "I first focus on ice hockey and the semi-final. We swore as a team to defend the championship title with our whole force. "

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to West Ham United's Europa League semi-final arrival no one passed a year 1976. Trainer David Moyes looks a "great opportunity" against Eintracht Frankfurt. © AFP Via Getty Images Goal Scorer in Lyon: Jarrod Bowen (2.v.Li.) packs Craig Dawson ( friendly after his hits for 1: 0. coach Moyes wants "soon talk about the final" It was not exactly Frankfurt relationships in Lyon, but for a boisterous party, 3000 fellow fans also reached loose.

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