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Enthusiasts: Turkey. Manifestations against the threat of dissolution of an association for women's law

snowfall in Turkey and Greece, traffic interrupted at Istanbul

 snowfall in Turkey and Greece, traffic interrupted at Istanbul Turkey-snow airport: snowfall in Turkey and Greece, interrupted traffic at Istanbul © Reuters / Umit Bektas snowfall in Turkey and Greece, interrupted traffic at Istanbul Istanbul / Athens Airport - heavy snowfall in Greece and Turkey have interrupted air traffic at Istanbul airport Tuesday, and blocked thousands of motorists on one of Athens' main arteries. in Istanbul, the snowfall started at the end of last week and then intensified.

Les militantes de l'association pour la défense des droits des femmes craignent que le gouvernement turc ne tente d'entraver leurs actions. © ADEM Altan / AFP Women's rights associations are afraid that the Turkish government is trying to hinder their actions.

Several events took place in different cities in Turkey to support a women's rights defense association whose government is considering the dissolution.

Hundreds of people demonstrated Saturday, April 16 in several cities of Turkey , including Istanbul and Ankara, against the threat of dissolution of one of the most important women's advocacy associations for "activities against the law and morality ".

"It is not possible to stop our fight. We are not going to allow the closure of our association, "AFP said the Secretary General of the We Will Stop Feminicide, Fidan Ataselim platform.

Colombia: The Left Petro candidate at the doors of power

 Colombia: The Left Petro candidate at the doors of power © Luisa Gonzalez / Reuters The left candidate Gustavo Petro is the favorite of the Colombian presidential election that must take place on May 29. Colombians were called upon to vote on Sunday, March 13 to refer to one of the three coalitions that presented themselves to the primaries for the presidential of May 29. Colombians had to choose between the historical pact that brings together the left parties, the team for Colombia, marked right, and the center of hope, ranked centrist.

An attorney from Istanbul has opened on Wednesday a trial for the dissolution of the association for "activity" against "law and morality".

Very active for the defense of women's rights, the association had also organized several protests for the maintenance of Turkey in the Istanbul Convention, an international treaty establishing rules to combat gender violence, including the country. is removed in 2021.

"Do not continue women, but the assassins! ", Have launched hundreds of protesters gathered in Istanbul.

Representatives of the opposition parties as well as family members of women who were victims of female have also participated in the demonstration in Istanbul, noted an AFP journalist on site.

"These women are fighters. They did not leave us alone and followed our trial. I wanted to be there to support them, "said Nihat Palandoken, the father of a girl killed in 2017 by her ex-friend.

heating industry promotes modernization right now

 heating industry promotes modernization right now in the discussion about the dependence on Russian natural gas, the German heating industry sees various possibilities for private gas customers to permanently reduce or convert their own needs. © Roberto Pfeil / DPA An employee of Vaillant assembles a heat pump in the company's main plant in Remscheid. «To date, according to the gas economy, there is no supply problem," said the main manager of the Federal Association of the German Heating Industry, Markus Staudt, the German Press Agency.

Nearly 300 feminicides

at the origin of the trial, complaints filed by individuals who criticize the members of the association to "destroy the family on the pretext of defense of women 'rights", for publishing reports on femicides .

These complaints, sent to the Turkish Presidency through a website to collect citizens' requests and complaints, repeat, according to the association, "the terminology of detractors of the Istanbul Convention".

The Turkish government had justified its decision to abandon the treaty by reputing it to encourage homosexuality and threaten the traditional family structure.

According to the association, 280 women were killed in 2021, and 217 others died in suspicious circumstances, including those presented as suicides.

The date of the first hearing of the trial was set on 1 June.

"It's a trial not only against us but against the whole women's movement in Turkey. We will continue our fight, "said Rukiye Leyla Suen, a lawyer of the association.

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