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Enthusiasts: Tour de France: beautiful audiences for France Télévisions, with unheard of since 2011

Tour de France: Protests on the street - races interrupted

 Tour de France: Protests on the street - races interrupted again during the Tour de France! For the third time in this year's task, activists wanted to attract attention to the framework of the world's largest bike race. On Friday (July 22, 2022), the race had to be briefly interrupted again on the 19th stage. © Screenshot ARD The outliers on the 19th stage of the Tour de France have to stop on the route on Friday (July 22, 2022) due to protests.

Le Tour de France 2022 à Paris © icon Sport Le Tour de France 2022 in Paris

audience card for the large buckle 2022. This year, France was followed by 4 million people on average in the afternoon on France 2, a record since 2011 despite an overall number of viewers in slight decline, according to the figures unveiled Monday by France Télévisions. In total, 41.5 million French people watched the big loop for at least one minute on the public group's branches (France 2 and France 3), against 42.4 million last year, according to a press release.

In question, in particular, the fact that the Tour started "a week later" than usual, in July and not in June, and a Friday rather than a Saturday, told AFP Laurent Eric Lay, the Director of Sports of France Télé. But "people looked at the round for longer", with an average of 5 hours 41 minutes per French, 17 more minutes than 2021 and a higher since 2011. Above all, the afternoons on France 2 have Bringing together 4 million viewers on average from 3 p.m. for an audience share (PDA) of 41.3%, a record since 2011.

Cycling: Juliette Labous changes gear before the Tour de France female

 Cycling: Juliette Labous changes gear before the Tour de France female © Panoramic Juliette Labous will aim for the general classification on the occasion of the return from France. Juliette Labous is surely the best French chance on this female Tour de France (July 24 to 31). For the return of the event, the bisontine will aim "the best possible place" in the general classification and try to make itself known to the general public.

Four stages even exceeded "the 5 million viewers", that of July 14 (Briançon/Alpe d'Huez) by federating 6.4 million (50.1% of PDA), a "record since 2003 for a stage", with a peak at 8.4 million. France 2 is also pleased to have attracted 300,000 young people aged 15-34 on average every day, 8% more than in 2021, for 35% of PDA (+5 points).

Video: The info of the day | July 24 - Evening (Dailymotion)

Best Audience since 2015 for France 3

The chain thus rises at the top of the audiences during the day in July on the small screen, at 19.1% of PDA. France 3, which broadcast the start of the stages from 1 p.m., has won its best audience since 2015 (2.5 million viewers, 24.3% of PDA).

Also note, the program "Vélo Club" attracted 2.1 million viewers (22.8% PDA) on average on France 2, with a peak at 3.5 million for the interview with Emmanuel Macron July 21. The festivities continue this week with the Tour de France female, whose "handsome departure" brought together "more than 3 million viewers (27.8% of PDA)" Sunday on France 2.

Rennes. At the Marmaille festival, there is no taboo subject for the young audience! .
© Christophe Marand in "Avant Tous" (all audiences, from 10 years old), Zoé Grossot evokes the forgotten female figures in history. in Rennes, Marmaille celebrates her thirty years with around twenty shows for young audiences, some of whom are offered from an early age. The Marmaille festival is thirty years old. "What changed in the 1990s was the recognition of this name" young audience "claimed by the actors", says Alix Clerfeuille.

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