Enthusiasts: "I have to take time": Shawn Mendes says the rest of his world tour from

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Shawn Mendes (23) has now completely canceled his current world tour. The Canadian singer still has to take time to devote himself to his health, as he explains in a statement on Instagram . Mendes had already interrupted the first part of his tour in early July.

Shawn Mendes nimmt sich eine Auszeit. © Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com Shawn Mendes takes a break.

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"We know her, I had to postpone the shows of the past few weeks because I was not completely prepared for what it would cost me to be on tour again," writes Mendes. It was not clear to him how difficult it is to play live again after the long pandemic break. "After talking to my team and working with an incredible group of health experts, it became clear to me that I have to take the time that I never personally took to fathom and come back more," explains the singer on.

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also canceled concerts in Germany

After the already clanced appearances in North America, he must now cancel the rest of his tour data. Among other things, appearances in Great Britain and in Europe were still planned. In Germany, Mendes would have been on stage in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg next year. "We had hoped that after an urgently needed break, I could continue with the remaining appointments, but at that time I have to put my health first."

Mendes also emphasizes that this is not the end of his career and that he will continue to produce new music. "I promise that I come back as soon as I have taken enough time to heal." He would like to thank his fans for the support.

The "Wonder: The World Tour" from Shawn Mendes initially started in Portland in June and was originally supposed to go until Augst 2023.

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