Enthusiasts: crisp Angèle in pink mini skirt and white tank top

Man trend: Color Block or how to match colors

 Man trend: Color Block or how to match colors © supplied by Cover Media Assembly colors is an art ... and is therefore not always easy to master. This year, the color has entered the male locker room on one, and that makes some uncomfortable. Between flashy color and pastel shades we no longer know how to do it. Especially since some reasons complicate everything.

Angèle craquante en mini jupe rose et débardeur blanc © Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage crisp in mini pink skirt and white tank top To inaugurate the "Chanel Summer Tour", the Belgian singer made stop in Saint-Tropez accompanied by the Music producer Caroline de Maigret. The opportunity to push the song but also to offer us an unprecedented outfit of the brand with double C ...

The 26 -year -old composer has an scheduled schedule at the moment . After two years of health crisis, festivals are in full swing this summer. Like his friend Louane , the interpreter of Demons chains them at a frantic pace. In Small sequined dress with original neckline at the Dour festival in Belgium, mini-skirt, sneakers and white socquettes at the We Love Green festival which was held at the Bois de Vincennes last June or even in graphic bras and Mini skirt, rapper Romeo Elvis's sister panics the fashion sphere. It is not for nothing that she became one of the muses of the Chanel brand which makes her pose during her campaigns, invites her to sing to animate her parades and makes her tailor-made outfits for her to get on stage.

Bundesbank sees German economy increasingly slowed down

 Bundesbank sees German economy increasingly slowed down delivery bottlenecks and the consequences of the war in Ukraine are increasingly slowing down the German economy, according to the Bundesbank. © Christian Charisius/dpa A container ship moored at the Eurogate container terminal in the port of Waltershofer in Hamburg. "German economic output is likely to have stagnated in the spring of 2022," says the monthly report of the central bank, which was released on Friday.

Naturally, The brand of rue Cambon called on it to inaugurate its summer series, the "Chanel Summer Tour", which celebrates the intrinsic links between fashion and music. Imagined by Caroline de Maigret, music producer and model and by the artistic director of the house Virginie Viard, the tour chose as the first step Saint-Tropez. On board a black Volkswagen van decorated with a luxury brand logo, the companion of the former guitarist of Johnny Hallyday Yarol Poupaud and the Belgian Tornado crisscross the small roads by singing the last song of the young woman: free . A song that suits perfectly because the video advocates carefree, freedom and letting go. Once arrived in the Villa La Mistralée, make way for the party! The holder of three music victory played the piano her biggest hits, the feminist anthem balances your what to the declaration of love to the capital of Belgium in Brussels I love you by passing by your queen who treats emerging passion between two women. Music is an thread which connects the friends of the house to the artistic director of the collections. At the end of the fall-winter 2023 parade, the one who succeeded Karl Lagerfeld came to salute the guests with the electronic musician Sébastien Le Tellier. A rare fact that deserves to be underlined because the designers generally come alone to close their collections. And the choice of the Mediterranean is clearly a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel. In 1928, Mademoiselle acquired a villa which she baptized "La Pausa". This house which offers a breathtaking point of view on the Cap-Martin is the only one of its residences that it will decorate entirely. She invites her friends Jean Cocteau as well as Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala. The stylist sold the house in 1954 to the American publisher Emery Reeves who notably welcomes Jackie Onassis, Winston Churchill and Greta Garbo. The house is bought by Chanel in 2015 to perpetuate the memory of the place and its famous owner.

Stéphanie de Monaco appears in a rare photo with her three children ... These are his sosies, the resemblance is striking

 Stéphanie de Monaco appears in a rare photo with her three children ... These are his sosies, the resemblance is striking Stéphanie de Monaco shines alongside her children during the Gala Fight Aids Monaco this Saturday, July 23. The family is revealed in chic and relaxed outfits. Louis, Pauline and Camille… © Bestimage Stéphanie de Monaco appears in a rare photo with her three children… These are his lookalikes, the resemblance is striking. She is a radiant mother surrounded by her children. This Saturday, July 23, was held the Gala Fight Aids Monaco .

Angèle: its pastel summer outfit that we copy the closed eyes

The popstar has become a real fashion icon in recent years. Building on girly, female and undoubtedly in tune with the times, Dua Lipa's girlfriend has everything. Like Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp , the outfits still come from the latest Chanel collections. Coordinated tweed sets, jewelry avalanche, knot in the hair, the pretty blonde is indeed a chanel girl! She once again proven it during the inauguration of the Chanel summer tour. Dressed in a white tank top with in its center the brand logo surrounded by a circle and a high -waisted skirt in faded pink denim with another logo that looks like a buffer, the singer at 3 , 6 million subscribers on Instagram is resplendent. A look that is both sportwear with the sleeveless top which seems straight out of a basketball match and connected with the ultra-feminine and very trendy faded skirt. To accessorize everything, she opted for circular earrings with double C, fine bracelets and rings carried in accumulation. A flawless!

he secretly testified twins with his managing director?! The turbulent love life of Elon Musk

 he secretly testified twins with his managing director?! The turbulent love life of Elon Musk Sancks is a very, very difficult topic for many people. Because one thing should apply: everyone loves snacks. Everyone loves it, in between, or while you actually do something else, just eat a few little things. The chips in front of the TV, the piece of chocolate before leaving the house, the portion of fries on the subway. But you shouldn't have too many from these snacks, because they have a lot of calories.


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