Enthusiasts: Japan wants to build the first building on the Moon

Volley - League of Nations (quarter -finals): The Blues dominate without trembling Japan

 Volley - League of Nations (quarter -finals): The Blues dominate without trembling Japan © Panoramic France Volley Ligue 20220710 After a hung first round, the Blues rolled out their game to overcome Japan in Japan in Japan in Japan Three rounds and qualify for the semi-finals of the League of Nations, with Italy as the next opponent. The Blues were exact at the rendezvous in Bologna! After a successful preliminary phase, with nine victories for three defeats, Andrea Giani's players found Japan in the quarterfinals of the League of Nations.

at a conference given in Kyoto, Japanese architects presented The Glass, a building project which aims to be the first lunar building.

Moon objective for the Japanese. The architects of Japanese space have the ambition to erect the first building on the Moon , as Korii tells us.

It was during a conference on July 5 at the University of Kyoto that Japanese architects presented their ambitious project named The Glass. This 400 -meter -high conical building was thought to adapt perfectly to the atmospheric conditions of the Moon, but also of Mars. The objective for the Japanese team: to present a first prototype on the moon by 2050.

west of Japan, a wave of macaques attacks terrorizes a city

 west of Japan, a wave of macaques attacks terrorizes a city © Anushree Fadnavis The Japanese macaque is located on the quasi-entrelated of the Japanese archipelago. (Illustration). Anushree Fadnavis/ Reuters. Wandering macaques are panicking in the city of Yamaguchi, west of Japan. For almost a month, forty-two people have suffered attacks by these animals, forcing local authorities to use hypodermic weapons to calm them down. A tranquilizing product, supposed to be used on very dangerous or even inappochable animals.

Recreate human gravity

with this building, the Japanese mainly hope to advance on a primordial question to all spatial colonization, namely Recreate earthly gravity. In order for the future lunar inhabitants to be able to move as on their original planet, the conical building will be designed to recreate the centrifugal force by performing a total rotation of the building every twenty seconds.

In addition to facilitating life to the inhabitants, the management of gravity is also essential in terms of health. Whether in terms of reproduction, growth, or to avoid known ailments such as bone loss, back pain or kidney stones. In addition, if we have reliable studies on adults, this is not the case for children, whose change of gravity is unknown could impact them.

Joni Mitchell: New Archive Boxset appears in autumn

 Joni Mitchell: New Archive Boxset appears in autumn "The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)" contains a new version of "You Turn Me on I'm a Radio" © provided by www.rollingstone.de Joni Mitchell "The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)" contains a new version of "You Turn Me on I'm a Radio" after " Archives Vol. 2: The Reprise Years (1968-1971) " Next archive box set from Joni Mitchell. "The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)" contains newly mixed versions of four albums of the folk icon. The set will be released on September 23.

NASA accuses China of wanting to take control of the

moon with this innovative building, Japan hopes to stand out, but also exploit a field left free by other space powers, which do not develop certain technologies for the moment essential to human migration in space.

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