Enthusiasts: Photo - Hélène Ségara Invigorated: After the controversy, she finally finds her good humor

in safety: Small Aries is looking for protection at Kuhherde and finds new family

 in safety: Small Aries is looking for protection at Kuhherde and finds new family Sometimes nature finds the best solutions without we humans have to intervene. "Kleinezeitung.at" had reported on such a pleasant case from the Austrian community of Albeck in October 2021. © Getty Images Widder Mufflon-Widder finds a new home on the Hochrindl-Alm at a cow herd family Sumann lives in Unterdörfl on the sirnitz sunny side and thus at the foot of the Hochrindl-Alm. The farmers traditionally keep their animals on the Alm, their summer pasture, as Hans Sumann tells.

PHOTO - Hélène Ségara revigorée : après la polémique, elle retrouve enfin sa bonne humeur © Vansteenkiste Stephane / Bestimage Photo - Hélène Ségara Invigorated: after the controversy, she finally finds her good humor Hélène Ségara is currently in full tour for Her album Karma, released in June 2022. The singer who was severely criticized on her physique social networks after a visit to television, resumed the hair of the beast on stage.

Hélène Ségara finds a little serenity. The singer has just spent a few tense days, because of the criticisms that have targeted her physique in recent weeks . Since his participation in the game which can beat us on M6, Monday July 25, 2022, Hélène Ségara has been forced to justify herself on her appearance, mocked by Internet users on the evening of broadcasting. Some celebrities hastened to defend . While she was in concert this Thursday, July 28, 2022 in Luc-sur-Mer in Calvados, her fans proved her love and support. Hélène Ségara filmed the parterre of admirers acclaiming her and humming her songs with her, and posted the videos on her Instagram account.

Robert-Michon and Finot Dixières

 Robert-Michon and Finot Dixières provided by Sports.fr Athletics-World: Robert-Michon and Finot Tenths of their final still no medal for the French delegation to the world athletics championships in Eugene after six days competition. The two tricolors in the final this Wednesday had to settle for a tenth place. Starting with Mélina Robert-Michon at the disk throw.

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gallery: this is how these stars stopped from f u m e r! (Starsinsider)

Tout le monde a un vice et pour des millions de personnes, ce vice est la c i g a r e t t e. Le t a b a c rassure certains jusqu'à se transformer en une mauvaise habitude dont on ne décroche plus, mais à quel prix?En 1964, le chirurgien américain Luther Terry avait annoncé que le fait de f u m e r était lié au cancer, ce qui avait permis de réduire considérablement le nombre de f u m e u r s. Pourtant, et ce depuis des décennies, de nombreuses personnes sont toujours accros à la c i g a r e t t e, même les célébrités. Mais heureusement, beaucoup d'entre elles ont réussi à surmonter cette mauvaise habitude grâce à l'hypnothérapie.Cliquez sur cette galerie et découvrez comment vos stars préférées sont parvenues à arrêter de f u m e r. of implants and cortisone

Hélène Ségara has been suffering from an autoimmune disease for several years : a rare eye disease. While she released her album Karma in June 2022, she had been forced to slow down her tour because of the treatments she must undergo . In February 2022 she announced it to her fans: " after several months of heavy treatments, in the greatest secrecy where I have always tried to keep smiling and honor each of my commitments, I have to resolve myself to Limit my tour. ". The singer affected by the right eye, undergoes implants, but also takes treatments based on cortisone, which explains her weight gain. The singer is aware of her handicap but prefers to be positivating: " I tell myself that I have to be strong, I have to work . Above all, I have to bring this message to people, that is to say That nothing is insurmountable "she declared on RTL, in May 2021.

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Stéphane Plaza clumsy: This accident caused during an automobile race .
© Denis Guignebourg / Bestimage Stéphane Plaza clumsy: this accident caused during a racing This Thursday, July 28, Stéphane Plaza is at the controls of the program Search apartment or house. If the host is the first to pay the price for his left -in -law, this defect sometimes spares no one. While participating in a car race, the real estate agent almost hit photographers, as he confided on RFM last April. A awkwardness which has become legendary .

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