Enthusiasts: The land of a thousand spices and tastes: Turkey is so tasty!

Iraq: national mourning and anger after the deadly strikes attributed to Ankara

 Iraq: national mourning and anger after the deadly strikes attributed to Ankara © Iraqi Prime Minister's Press Office/AFP e ndeuillé and angry, Iraq buried Thursday the victims of artillery fire attributed to Turkey having killed The day before nine civilians in recreational gardens in Kurdistan, a drama that aggravates tensions between the two neighboring countries.

have you already forged vacation plans or do you still need inspiration? If the latter applies, we not only have a very tasty travel tip

Nicht nur wunderschön anzusehen, sondern auch extrem lecker: Wir lieben türkische Spezialitäten! GETTY IMAGES © Getty Images for foodies and connoisseurs, but also extremely tasty: We love Turkish specialties! Getty Images So much more than picturesque beaches - Turkey is always worth a trip

before we respond to culinary highlights, first a few information and facts that reflect the diversity of the country on the Bosphorus: For beach goals and fans are of extensive bathing arcs Water temperatures ideal in summer. They are between 23 and 26 degrees. The refreshment in the cool water can become extensive swimming pleasure - and the water temperatures for splashing are particularly pleasant for children. With a coastal length of 7,200 kilometers, Turkey is usually associated with the sea and a lot of sun for nothing. What a few know: The country on the Bosphorus also has mountain ranges, some of which are up to 3,900 meters high.

In New York, the LGBT+ distraught community in the face of the progression of the variolate of the monkey

 In New York, the LGBT+ distraught community in the face of the progression of the variolate of the monkey © Reuters - Eduardo Munoz A man receives a vaccination against the variole of the monkey at the Northwell Health Helte Care Care of Fire Island -Cherry Grove, in New York, July 15, 2022. The variole of the monkey continues to spread in the United States. New York has the most case while the authorities are struggling to deal with it: not enough vaccines and limited medical care. A situation that causes anger of the affected communities.

The second largest city in the country, Ankara, is at least 900 to 1,050 meters above sea level and, unlike the coastal places, has a very dry continental climate. This means that in winter it gets really cold here and it can even snow. Ankara is worth a journey for all fans of art and culture: the city is known for its performing arts, the State Opera, the Symphony Orchestra and several national theater. Also interesting: Turkey extends over two continents. Most of the country is already on the Asian continent, but around three percent of the country still belong to Europe.

Ankara Getty Images © Getty Images Ankara Getty Images A paradise for every foodie: Diversity also on the plate

You already notice that Turkey in just a few sets is difficult, because the country is surprisingly diverse. Fans of city trips get their money's worth as well as outdoor athletes and beach lovers. But no matter what kind of vacation you choose and which region of the country you want to visit: the food in Turkey deserves special attention. This starts with breakfast: In addition to fresh olives, dates and honey melon, various fruits, sausage and cheeses, as well as tasty dips and pastes are served. The bread, which is served for breakfast and consists of Yufka dough, is also referred to as BÖREK. There are different types of this, for example filled with spinach, sheep's cheese or minced meat.

Feuerdrama in Greece: Great fire in National Park out of control

 Feuerdrama in Greece: Great fire in National Park out of control Greece experienced the hottest day of this year on Sunday. While many people were looking for refuge on the beaches, the fire brigades fought dozens of forest fires. The biggest raged in the Dadia National Park. Another fire raged on the island of Lesbos. Hotels and apartments had to be evacuated there. © dpa The firefighters also fight with the flames on lesbos.

Another very popular Turkish specialty are Manti. They can be described as the tortellini of Turkey, because they are small filled dumplings. Most of these are filled with minced meat and are often served with a yogurt dip. The vegetarian variant has a tasty filling of lenses instead of minced meat. What you shouldn't miss is Lahmacun, also called Turkish pizza. Before you can eat this pizza -like snack directly from the oven, the dough is coated with a spicy mixture of minced meat, onions and tomatoes.

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