Enthusiasts: Asthton Kutcher about rare disease Vasculitis: "Lucky that I am still alive"

"Emergency call Hafenkante" star Rhea Harder shares rare couple pic

 Hamburg-The "Notruf Hafenkante" star Rhea Harder (46) gave their fans a rare insight into their private life. © provided by Tag24 usually fans Rhea Harder (46) especially in police uniform - now she showed herself at a very private moment. has been married to her favorite Jörg Vennewald for nine years. But the two still seem to be fresh in love. Because in a current Instagram story Rhea now showed her love happiness to the public: In a photo you can see how the two cuddle together.

He could neither see, hear nor go: Ashton Kutcher suffered from his own information from a serious autoimmune disease.

  Asthton Kutcher über seltene Erkrankung Vaskulitis: »Glück, dass ich noch am Leben bin« © Jordan Strauss/ dpa

his fans know Ashton Kutcher as always cheerful daredevils from comedies and sitcoms such as "Die Wilden Siebziger" and "Two and a Half Men". He can currently be seen in the film »Vengeance« in German cinemas. But in the American survival show »Bear Grylls: Stars at the limit-The 44-year-old now spoke about a serious illness.

The actor has said to have suffered from an autoimmune disease. "Two years ago, I had this strange and very rare form of vasculitis, which my eyesight, my hearing and all the balance set out of action," said the film actor. He needed a year to recover.

west of Japan, a wave of macaques attacks terrorizes a city

 west of Japan, a wave of macaques attacks terrorizes a city © Anushree Fadnavis The Japanese macaque is located on the quasi-entrelated of the Japanese archipelago. (Illustration). Anushree Fadnavis/ Reuters. Wandering macaques are panicking in the city of Yamaguchi, west of Japan. For almost a month, forty-two people have suffered attacks by these animals, forcing local authorities to use hypodermic weapons to calm them down. A tranquilizing product, supposed to be used on very dangerous or even inappochable animals.

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Vasculitis is inflammation of the blood vessels, i.e. the veins and arteries in the body. It can occur in all parts of the body. Although the disease is potentially life -threatening, it can be brought under control in most cases due to the correct treatment. Vasculitis are not curable.

Kutcher wants to face new challenges

"I'm lucky that I am still alive," said Kutcher on the show, in which a survival expert should teach prominent guests. Now he is looking forward. He was ready to face every new challenge.

The mid -forties has been married to the Ukrainian -born actress Mila Kunis , 38, since 2015. On the set of the success series "The Wild Seventies", they kissed for the first time - only because it was in the script. In 2012 the two actors actually became a couple.

"We are just about this series at the point we are at today," Kucher recently told the magazine "Variety". The two are parents of a seven -year -old daughter and a five -year -old son.

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