Enthusiasts: Forest fire: record summer for carbon emissions linked to fires in France

Thunderstorms and heat waves: 21 departments in the east of France placed in orange alert

 Thunderstorms and heat waves: 21 departments in the east of France placed in orange alert © Stephane Geufroi / Ouest-France of thunderstorms will concern the center-east and northeast of France, this Wednesday, July 20, 2022 (Illustration photo). Météo France has placed 21 departments, in the east of the country, in orange heat wave and storm this Tuesday, July 19, 2022 in the evening. Three departments have come out of orange vigilance since the end of the afternoon. The heat wave is not over, and risk of thunderstorms are present. Halm has also fallen.

Avec les importants incendies qui touchent le pays depuis le début de l'été, la France a enregistré le taux d'émission de carbone issu des feux de foret les plus élevés depuis le début des relevés en 2003, a annoncé le programme européen sur le changement climatique Copernicus. Plus d'un million de tonnes de carbone ont été libérés dans l'air. © Philippe Lopez / AFP with the important fires that have touched the country since the start of the summer, France has recorded the rate of emission Carbon from the highest forest fires since the start of the statements in 2003, the European program on climate change Copernicus announced. More than a million tonnes of carbon have been released in the air.

France has recorded carbon emissions from Forest Forests since the start of surveys in 2003 this summer, the European Climate Change Program Copernicus announced on Friday. The latest satellite data of the Copernicus atmosphere monitoring service (CAMS), dating from Thursday, show that the emissions estimated in France from forest fires for the months of June, July and August have been the highest since 2003, While Europe is experiencing a dramatic season for fires, especially in Spain and Portugal .

Heat wave: Greece (also) fights forest fires

 Heat wave: Greece (also) fights forest fires © Manolis Lagoutaris of fires on the island of Lesbos caused the evacuation of hundreds of tourists and inhabitants. AFP / Manolis Lagoutaris of fires in France and in Spain , temperature records in Great Britain Video: Forest lights: Flames rush into the suburbs of Athens (French Euronews) Your Browser DOES NOT Support This Video … It's the turn of Greece to undergo the consequences of the hot weather in Europe.

A million tonnes of carbon released

When a tree burns, combustion releases carbon dioxide. Since the beginning of the year, more than a million tonnes of carbon have been released in the atmosphere by French fires, very much above average (just over 0.5 million tonnes). At this rate, the record on the whole of 2003 to almost 1.3 million tonnes could be broken and make the worst year 2022 since the statements. The heat wave in the Iberian Peninsula and South West of France "aggravated the fires," explains Mark Parrington, scientist of Copernicus.

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The high season of fires is not yet completed, the emissions for the whole year 2022 remain for the moment below those observed in 2003, the record year according to data from the Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS), which is Base on satellite observations of active fires and the radiative power of fire. According to statistics consulted Friday of the European information system on effis forest fires, 60,558 hectares have burned in France since January, 245,293 hectares in Spain, and 76,423 hectares in Portugal.

Fire in Gironde: The Tour de France of the firefighters called in reinforcement .
© Thibaud Moritz A firefighter who came in reinforcement of the Loiret went to a truck, on September 14, 2022, near Baumos, in Gironde a parade, almost usual , red trucks from all over France. In Gironde, more than 600 firefighters were still called in reinforcement this week to fight against the flames, after an eventful summer.

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