Enthusiasts: extra delicious - waffles become super soft and extra fluffy

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 secret heroes of the forest - vegetarian runner kitchen © getty images burrito with oyster mushrooms oyster mushrooms not only offer vitamins (B, C and D), but also plenty of vegetable protein (all essential amino acids) and a lot of iron. This makes them ideal for vegetarians.

was dry and packed yesterday: With this recipe, waffles are particularly fluffy and irresistibly delicious

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for the first time in Belgium, the waffle is a classic around the world today. And more versatile than the most other fine biscuits. Whether salty or sweet, whether with whipped cream and strawberries or fried chicken and sour cucumbers - waffles are an all -time classic, combinable with almost everything that allows imagination.

But how do waffles become as fluffy as in the professional bakery? How can we prevent half of the dough from getting stuck in the waffle iron or the waffles become dry and tough? With this recipe, all your waffle dreams are guaranteed!

ingredients: 70 g sugar 3 eggs 300 ml milk 350 g flour 1 PCK. Vanilla sugar 1 tsp baking powder Preparation:

1. For the fluffy and particularly soft waffles, first stir sugar, vanilla sugar and eggs into a creamy dough.

2. gradually mix the milk together with the flour and baking powder.

3. The finished mass now add to a greased waffle iron. Tip: You can then serve the finished waffles with fresh jam, some vanilla ice cream or apple sauce.

(Author: Bruno Gaigl)

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