Enthusiasts: Lily Collins: Your Out of Bed Curls are the proof of how beautiful curls can look on the second day

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Lily Collins: Your “Out of Bed Curls” are the proof of how beautiful curls can look like on the second day

  Lily Collins: Ihre Out of Bed Curls sind der Beweis dafür, wie schön Locken am zweiten Tag aussehen können © Getty Images, collage: Condé nast germany

Who does not know it: you have put a lot of effort into conjuring up curls into the hair, then you have to go to sleep, and the next morning all the work is gone. But that doesn't have to be, because such a portion of sleep can give a completely new look. Actress Lily Collins also loves her curls on the second day and therefore proudly presents her “Out of Bed Curls”.

& “Out of Bed Curls” by Lily Collins: This is how your curls see the second day from

, of course, we are of course regularly looking at Lily Collins's Instagram account in the hope that you are looking for new pictures of the shooting of the Third season ” Emily in Paris ” shares. But now the actress surprised her followers: inside with a selfie video of herself, or her hair. In the clip she presents her “out of bed curls”, so her curls after waking up. Unhappily and of course, as we know it, she smiles into the camera and turn her head so that you can really look at the complete hair. “Morning Hair All Day, Every Day…” (“Morgen-Hair all day, every day…”), she writes underneath. Not only do we seem to be fans of their natural curly hairstyles, but they too.

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curls on the second day: The actress loves the Hairstyle

You can see the curls of Lily Collins in more detail in the video, you discover that both sides do not look exactly the same. On the one hand it has waves , on the other correct curl. Many side sleepers are sure to know this effect: The next morning the half of the hair you sleep, the next morning really doesn't look like the day before, while the other side was well. Of course, it always depends on whether you move a lot at night or whether you sweat. Of course, we are now wondering which side Lily Collins slept on: the wavy or the curly?

& curls refreshed after sleeping: This is how it is

, which is certain, the curls' curls still look great on the second day and kept well overnight. We even find the slightly dismantled look - and totally understand that Lily Collins prefers to wear her “Out of Bed Curls” every day and all day. But of course curls don't always look like the “Emily in Paris” actress. If you have curls that need a refreshment the next day, you can reactivate it with a few and easy handles.

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natural curls are easiest to refresh by getting them a little wet and then putting a product in the hair, e.g. a curly cream or even a Leave-in conditioner. If you have styled your curls in the hair, you should take a short time again for the preferred styling tool. Strands that really no longer look like a curl, just edit again. This is usually not much effort, but it has a big effect. And: really not do that much, because the “Out of Bed Curls” look wants to be kept.

If you want to prevent the curls at night, the next day the curls still look the same as before going to bed, you should use a pillow with a smooth surface, i.e. silk or satin. This reduces friction and the curls remain intact.

Here you can shop pillow covers from silk or satin directly.

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