Enthusiasts: Emma Watson shows how a naked dress chic and sustainable is styled - and we want to imitate it immediately

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Emma Watson: The actress shows how a naked dress chic and portable is styled

  Emma Watson zeigt, wie ein Naked Dress chic und tragbar gestylt wird - und wir wollen es gleich nachmachen © getty images

The autumn days will be good or evil Cooler, but the trend piece of the summer, the Naked Dress , remains-even if something reinterpreted. Emma Watson shows how we can redefine the part part of this Herbst and guaranteed to style Cold-Weather-compatible. At the “Caring for Women Dinner” from the Kering Foundation, which was organized in New York on September 15, 2022, the actress presents her exciting evening look. Emma Watsons simple but super effective styling recipe? Contrasts - and many of them!

& Naked Dress + Blazer: Emma Watson relies on contrasts

yes, the jackets time is slowly beginning in New York. No reason, however, to downgrade his style - Emma Watson knows that too! For her evening look, the actress combines a playful (and quite transparent) top dress to the casual oversized Blazer . In addition to the soothing warmth, the black jacket also gives eye protection and breaks the romantic style of the top. Especially interesting? For the fr righteous top maximum dress in Naked-Dress-look, Emma Watson also carries a clutch with rivet-occupied clutch. This makes the overall look of the actress full of exciting fashion contrasts. Thanks to black and white combination, the outfit remains totally classic and Elegant . Sparkling diamond earrings and simple heels complete the noble look. Très chic!

Dua Lipa celebrates her birthday in a mini-naked dress-and it is the trend look for the 2022

 Dua Lipa celebrates her birthday in a mini-naked dress-and it is the trend look for the 2022 dua Lipa party celebrates her birthday in one of the trend look for the 2022 © Getty Images party season Dua Lipa is a good style model without ifs and but when it comes to both casual and glamorous looks. The singer is currently enchanting us away and on stage with her combinations and presenting us an absolute trend look for the 2022 party season to celebrate her 27th birthday. You here.

& 16092022-emma-watson-weisses-kleid-BIC-gettyimages © Getty Images 16092022-Emma-Watson-Weisses-Bic-Bic-Gettyimages Emma Watson: Your naked dress look can suddenly be fully inspired by Emma Watsons fashionable courage? We also! But no reason to worry if you don't know where to start. In order to achieve the style of the actress, it does not have to be an ultra-lamorous and red-carpet-compatible

Naked Dress immediately. After all, every beginning is small and slow approaches definitely pay off here. Super individual aspects of Emma Watson's contrast look can be installed for everyday life. A transparent blouse here and an dress with top elements-the basis for an style fracture à la Emma Watson is ready. The art is clearly in relating to fashionable contrasts - and there are no limits. No matter whether brave mix of materials or playing with silhouettes-we say: the more creative, the better! &

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 With this update, Kim Kardashian makes the dutt for the trend hairstyle for the autumn 2022 © Getty Images So Kim Kardashian makes the dutt for the trend hairstyle for the fall of 2022 Getty Kim Kardashian has been wearing her dark long hair since the mead -Gala, when she caused a sensation and lots of controversy in an original dress by Marilyn Monroe, in platinum blonde-as a tribute to the acting icon from the 1950s. At that time she had styled her hair into a strict dutt and she was currently spotted again with the hairstyle.

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