Enthusiasts: A man found a boulder and kept him for years because he thought he was made of gold - but he is a little more valuable

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Dermot Henry hält den 4,6 Milliarden Jahre alten Fund. © Museums Victoria (Rod Start) Dermot Henry holds the 4.6 billion year old find. Dermot Henry holds the 4.6 billion year old find.

David Hole tried everything to destroy the bowl. He collapsed on the reddish stone, tried with a stone saw, an angle grinder, even with acidity - nothing could break it up. He was so certain that the find that he discovered in 2015 would be gold. In reality, his find was far more valuable than gold.

In fact, the boulder was a 17 kilogram meteorite, 4.6 billion years old and crashed into earth 100 to 1,000 years ago. The geologist Dermot Henry came to this conclusion after Hole brought the rock to the Hole Melbourne Museum in 2018. Henry identified the stone as an H-chondrite, a meteorite of an iron, consisting of 22 percent. It contains tiny crystalline droplets that were created during the lightning -like warming of dust clouds from the early solar system.

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The second meteorite in Victoria since 1995

"He had this typical surface structure," said Henry about " the Sydney Morning Herald ", an Australian daily newspaper. “It arises when entering the atmosphere. The top layer melts - and thus shapes the meteorites. ”He and his colleague Bill Birch have already analyzed thousands of stones - only two of them were real meteorites. But when birch picked up the stone, he knew that he was real this time. "An ordinary stone is not that difficult if you cancel it."

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hole has found the stone in the Australian Maryborough Regional Park. Maryborough is located in the Golden Outback, where there was a lot of precious metal during the gold rush in the 19th century. "This is only the 17th meteorite that was found in Victoria - in contrast to the thousands of gold pieces," said Henry to the Australian news portal " 10 Daily ". The previous one was discovered in 1995. The meteorite must have flown from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter when two asteroids hit each other, and somehow managed to land on our earth. "If you look at this chain of events, it is an almost extraterrestrial coincidence that it was brought to us at all."

This article appeared at Business Insider in January 2020. It has now been checked and updated.

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