Enthusiasts: In Lyon, the gallery that welcomed William Klein's latest retrospective cries a friend

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a few months before his death, photographer William Klein was the subject of a retrospective in the Reverber, a Galerie Lyonnaise who had been able to tie links friendship with this demanding man.

  A Lyon, la galerie qui a accueilli la dernière rétrospective de William Klein pleure un ami © supplied by Franceinfo

on September 10, the photographer, director, director and American graphic designer William Klein died at the age of 96 in Paris, where he had lived since 1947. That day, Catherine Dérioz and Jacques Damez lost a friend and a kind of landmark.

The beginning of a friendship

founders in 1981 of the Gallery in Lyon - the oldest gallery entirely dedicated to the photography of France -, they had managed to bring William Klein on the occasion of the ten years of the venue. A feat because at the time the photographer was already a superstar of the photo, exhibited at Moma in New York, at the Tate Modern in London, at the Center Pompidou. "I said to him: 'You are the father of our photographers. It is not Cartier-Bresson, it's you'," says Catherine Dérioz.

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On the Trend Design site, the gallery owner explained in May 2017 how her colleague and she had managed to “seduce” William Klein: “He asked us to select photographs from many draws, As if we had to organize an exhibition of his photos. He saw that we had the eye, and especially the ability to offer a hanging that respects the work. Since then, he leaves us free and trusts us to design his exhibitions. "

demanding and tender

of this first Klein exhibition made in a room located rue Neuve in Lyon, a friendship was born and this, despite the sometimes rough character of the Photographer.

He could be very unpleasant because of an implacable requirement and at the same time, of incredible tenderness and human proximity.

Jacques Damez

Galerie Le Réverbère

"It was like in his prints, in Black and white without much gray " confides Jacques Damez.

faithful to the end

later, on each anniversary of the gallery, Klein was honored. The last time was from March to July 2022 In the Espace de la rue Burdeau occupied since 1989 by the Réverbère. A hundred photos were exhibited, most of them unpublished. "He had left us free choice in his boxes of draws until then never explored to prepare it with his shooter Pierre-Louis Denis and his Assistan Te Tiffanie Pascal. "

A beautiful gift for the gallery that celebrated his 40th birthday, including 30 of" companionship "with William Klein.

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