Enthusiasts: RTL: Drastic decision-Show Discontinued with Guido Cantz

"Die Puppenstars": RTL fetches popular casting show back to life

 Cologne-at RTL it is currently raining show editions. However, one of the new programs existed five and a half years ago. Now the casting show is celebrating its comeback: from autumn there should be a restart of "Die Dollstars". © provided by Tag24 Max Giermann (46) was already on the "doll stars" jury five and a half years ago. RTL is currently changing its program and announcing innovations. So there will be an betting with Guido Cantz (50) or Morning shows with new faces .

OB "The 100,000 Mark Show", "The price is hot", or "RTL Saturday night"-RTL already has a few TV shows from the Mothe box fetched and revived in the form of new editions.

RTL stellt erneut eine Show mit Guido Cantz ein (unser Foto zeigt den Moderator bei einem Pressetermin am 10. August 2021). © Picture Alliance/dpa RTL stops another show with Guido Cantz (our photo shows the moderator at a press date on August 10, 2021).

and the competition of the Cologne private broadcaster has been surfing on the retrowelle for some time: ZDF, for example, won the cult show "Wetten, dass ..."? Back into the program and at ProSieben "TV Total" has been flickering over the TV screens again since last year.

RTL sets a show with Guido Cantz after a season, a

Philipp Schulze (45), including editor -in -chief of the television magazine TV Spielfilm, explained the strategy of the broadcaster for this year's Munich media days : “One addresses the target group that is at the time as Child or teenager looked at this format and now remember the good old days. Especially in these troubled times, something familiar seems to be somewhat medial warmth from that time. ”

"Who will be a millionaire?": Sensational news for Günther Jauch

 with the second "3 million euro week" from " Who will be a millionaire ?" The format with Günther Jauch has not only reached the highest market share for six years, but also shot the market shares of "RTL Direkt" and "The unbelievably smuggled person in the world", reports "DWDL".

not every new edition also developed into a success: while RTL could achieve good odds with the“ 100,000 Mark Show ”and“ The price is hot ”, The number of spectators at the satirical talk show "7 days, 7 heads" sank significantly after a good start at the upcoming editions.

for more than four months has now passed since the last episode of "7 days, 7 heads" - and now it is clear: RTL will replace the show again after a season!

compared to the media service DWDL , a RTL spokesman clarified: "There will be no new episodes for the time being". This is particularly bitter for moderator Guido Cantz (51).

Because only a few weeks ago RTL had set off the game show he also moderated “I sit on you”. The show hardly attracted any viewers in front of the screens, a planned second edition was deleted directly from the program by RTL at short notice.

"7 days, 7 heads" had premiere in 1996 and was moderated by Jochen Busse (81). In 2005 it was the end until the big comeback was celebrated on February 3, 2022. So now the exile back into the moth box. (Tab)

Guido Meda and the motorcycle loaned to Valentino Rossi .
provided by Sportal.fr The words of Guido Meda Guido Meda, guest of the Gianluca Gazzoli show on Radio Deejay, said a fun anecdote on Valentino Eossi: "We Avions were invited by Fabio Volo for a program and I had arrived at the studios on a motorcycle: a brand new brutal MV Agusta. They had just launched it, she had just released, and I had her test.

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