Enthusiasts: Signs against Laundry - Stuttgart as a focus of action

ADAC expects a very long traffic jam on the weekend

 ADAC expects a very long traffic jam on the weekend The ADAC expect a particularly large number of traffic jams with the beginning of the summer holidays in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg: drivers "expect one of the worst congestion weekends of the season," warned the ADAC on Monday in Munich. Time times are Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. "If you don't want to be in constant traffic jam, you should think about an alternative travel date during the week, for example Tuesday or Wednesday." © Monika Skolimowska/dpa central

thousands of people across Germany volunteered on Saturday against the littering of the earth. At the “World Cleanup Day” (in German: World Facry Day), people in - according to organizers - 190 countries free streets, parks, beaches, forests, rivers, banks and seas from waste and plastic waste. Cigarette buttocks and crown corks are canceled and playgrounds are cleaned.

Freiwillige sammeln am «World Cleanup Days» jede Menge Müll. © Franziska Kraufmann/dpa volunteers collect a lot of garbage on the “World Cleanup Days”.

Central German City of the Waste Collection was Stuttgart this time. The core team of the German organization sent an official greeting message to the international teams via video stream at noon.

The organizers were surprised by the lively participation in Stuttgart despite the initially bad weather. "Many people understand that something has to change for a clean, healthy and plastic waste-free future," initiator Holger Holland told the German Press Agency. He spoke of 5000 actions nationwide and around 300,000 participants. Experience has shown that each of them collects 2.6 kilos of garbage, said Holland - more than half are usually plastics and plastic waste.

wave of illness arrives in clinics: Brandenburg takes Berlin children on .
Corona and Influenza puts pressure on the Märkische Hospitals. Number of patients increases, personnel ceiling is often thinned out © Photo: DPA/Marijan Murat Archive-25.11.2021, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart: A patient with the respiratory sync virus (RS virus or RSV) is located in a children's ward of the Olgahospital of the clinic Stuttgart in a bedside. The children's clinics in Germany are currently having great difficulty to provide all seriously ill small patients.

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