Enthusiasts: The best Bolognese on this side of the Alps - a spice makes the classic of Italian cuisine so irresistible

heat wave. Thirteen departments in the South East still on orange vigilance

 heat wave. Thirteen departments in the South East still on orange vigilance © Stéphane Cugnier The day will be hot again for thirteen departments in the Southeast. The weather is still hot south-east where thirteen departments are kept in orange "heat wave". Elsewhere, showers are to be expected on the border Alps. A calm and sunny weather, always warm, will be maintained this Saturday, July 23, 2022 on the south-east of the country, while from the Grand Est to the Alps, many clouds announce showers, which risk turning to the storm in the afternoon.

Spaghetti Bolognese always works. No other pasta sauce celebrated such a triumphal march through the kitchens in the world, such as the incomparably good mix of tomatoes, spices and minced meat. Every Italian Nonna probably has her own recipe for pasta with Ragù Alla Bolognese.

  Die beste Bolognese diesseits der Alpen – ein Gewürz macht den Klassiker der Italienischen Küche so unwiderstehlich © provided by Berliner Kurier

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, the Bologne comes from the city of Bologna, also known as La Grassa, the fat. Here you eat richly. And so prepare the delicious sauce Bolognese:

You need 400 grams of mixed minced meat, two toes garlic, a bottle of tomatoes, half a packet of frozen soup green (from the small herbal packs), a laurel leaf, neutral oil for frying, salt, pepper, A tablespoon of dried oregano and a tablespoon of honey.

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Put Oil in a heavy pan with a high edge and let it get hot. Put the minced meat into the oil and fry it sharply. The meat has to get color. Season it now, not later with salt, pepper and oregano. Now press the garlic through the press and let it roast with turning. Now put the frozen soup green in the pan, then stir.

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with the content of a bottle of passed tomatoes. Here it makes a difference whether you buy a higher -quality product or not. Good sauces just taste more fruity. Now delete the sizzling meat with the tomato sauce and have a lid ready. Now the Bolognese sauce begins to inject.

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Before the temperature is turned down a bit, put a laurel leaves in the sauce and let the whole simmer. The longer the better. But even after a quarter of an hour, the Bolognese sauce is very delicious. Depending on your taste, you can finally put a little honey on the sauce, depending on how cute you like it.

If you want to eat the sauce right away, cook a pack of noodle according to instructions. If you cook the sauce in stock, rinse large mason jars with boiling water. Put the finished, very hot sauce in the glasses and set it up and open them upside down. So the sauce stays in the refrigerator for at least a few days.

is also recommended for a decent amount of grated parmesan, which is given over the Bolognese sauce when eating. Enjoy your meal!

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