Enthusiasts: These clever power-saving tricks for the dishwasher have to know

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for many the dishwasher is in use several times a week or even every day. Therefore, you should definitely know these clever electricity-saving tricks

Kennen Sie schon diese Spülmaschinen-Tipps? ISTOCK © iStock Do you already know these dishwasher tips? IStock

the energy costs increase and increase. No wonder that you get a guilty conscience when the dishwasher runs at full speed and is in use almost every day. It consumes some water and electricity with every rinsing - but don't worry, this does not necessarily mean that the costs explode. Do you already know these electricity-saving tricks for the dishwasher?

by the way! So much in advance: It is actually more efficient to use the dishwasher instead of washing the dishes by hand. For modern devices, the water consumption is around 9 liters per rinsing passage and the power consumption for the normal rinsing program is around 1 to 1.5 kWh. 1. Electricity-saving tip: Rinse out

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If you want to save water and energy, you should avoid rinsing the dishes. Modern dishwasher are equipped with special sensors that recognize the strength of the degree of contamination and individually adapt the fluff out. In addition, dishwasher flush tablets contain special

cleaning enzymes, the fats, proteins and Co. split and thus soften even stubborn dirt. These enzymes, on the other hand, need small meals that you can attach to in order to be able to fulfill your cleaning function at all.


Finish , the manufacturer of dishwashing dishes, explains on his website: "So you can save water, energy and money by leaving out rinsing completely. Squire to the food residue instead before use the machine to use a powerful cleaner And let the machine do the whole hard work for you. " 2nd power-saving tip: Leave the space when the dishwasher is cleaned up. For example,

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warns: "Where there is no space, no water can flow. Therefore, you should make sure when the dishwasher is cleaned up, you should always make a distance between the dishes." Otherwise you run the risk that the dishes will not get really clean and if necessary you have to start a second rinsing passage to get dirty plates, glasses and the like clean again. and: The longer you wait with switching on the machine (because you want to get it full to the last place), the greater the risk that the food residues will dry and only be difficult to remove.

3rd electricity-saving tip: Use ECO program

Many complain that special energy-saving programs eat too much time with a term of three to four hours. According to the


, this is still worthwhile from an energy-saving perspective, because "despite the longer duration, comparatively little water is used. And not only that: Since the most energy is used in the dishwasher to heat the water, save the Eco- Program of the dishwasher also also energy. Basically, the dishwasher in Eco mode can be compared with a speed on the highway with slow (he) speed: Although you need a little longer for the route at 120 km/h instead of 180 km/h , But they also use less petrol. " If you use the ECO program regularly, you should choose a program with high temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees once or twice a month. Otherwise, germs can develop and deposit that affect the trucks and can harm the machine.

Additional tip for new acquisition

If you use a solar thermal system or another energy-efficient hot water preparation and only have a short route to the memory, you should connect the dishwasher directly to the hot water. This is more efficient than heating the water using electricity. According to Stiftung Warentest,

, electricity consumption drops by up to 30 percent. Not all models have a hot water connection. Therefore, this should also be considered when buying a dishwasher. It is best to contact specialist staff.

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