Enthusiasts: Queen Rania shares family photo: she feels connected with her daughters

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Amman (Jordan) - a special week for the Jordanian Königshaus : Princess Salma and Princess Iman celebrate birthday. Queen Rania (52), the overjoyed mother, of course did not miss the opportunity to publish a previously unseen family photo and makes it clear how close the family is.

Vierfache Mutter und Stilikone: Königin Rania von Jordanien (52) © provided by Tag24 Mother and style icon: Queen Rania of Jordan (52)

Princess Salma will be 22 years old today, while her sister, princess Iman, will be 26 tomorrow.

If that's not a reason to celebrate! And of course her mother, Queen Rania (52), did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the "birthday week" and indulge in beautiful memories.

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In an emotional Instagram post on Monday, the queen immediately shared a photo that she shows with both princesses. The three women sit in a garden on a bench, the queen puts her arm around her shoulder of her daughter Salma (now 22), while her older daughter Iman is very close to her. It is noticeable: the queen and her daughters obviously have a particularly harmonious relationship.

How closely Rania feels connected to her daughters, the wife of King Abdullah II (62) makes it clear with emotional words:

"Our friendship is getting stronger, the older you would have no better friends can. Happy birthday, Iman and Salma "

more than 70,000 times the post has so far been liked, over 800 users have already congratulated.

This is how Rania of Jordan congratulates her daughters for birthday

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. The economist studied a modern monarch with her husband, King Abdullah II. , from left to right), Princess Iman (28), Queen Rania (52), King Abdullah II (62), Crown Prince Hussein (28) and Prince Hashem (17).

since 1999, when her husband has risen the Jordan throne, Rania is now the queen of the almost ten million inhabitant country. The royal couple has four children together.

The 52-year-old queen had to flee Kuwait as a child, but has Palestinian roots and is a studied economist. The Queen has been committed to social participation, better educational opportunities for girls and intercultural dialogue for years.

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