Enthusiasts: decoration made of pampas grass: 5 beautiful ideas

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not only in the garden, but also on the terrace or as a table decoration, pampas grass makes a lot. We have five ideas for you how to skillfully use the ornamental grass this autumn as a decoration.

Pampasgras (Cortaderia Selloana) is becoming increasingly popular in this country. No wonder that the ornamental grass is now also used as a natural rustic decorative element. The color -neutral pampas grass is wonderfully suitable as a resting component in a bouquet full of colorful flowers. But as far as the volume of the flower panels are concerned, the opposite is rather the case: pampas grass brings pep into every flower ensemble with its expansive stalks, reminiscent of dust fronds and gives the whole a modern character. You can find out how to master the contrast between classic bouquet of flowers and hipper boho decoration, create great table decorations for the autumn and also plant small pots on the balcony or terrace with our five decorative and plant ideas.

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1. Idea: Pampasgras meets Buchs

on the decorative idea with a small boxwood (Buxus), the main depends on the different heights of the plants: this creates different levels that result in a round image. In combination with small horn violets (viola cornuta) and the bud flowering besenheide (Calluna ‘alicia’), color comes into this decorative idea. Buchs and pampas grass also look great next to each other in the front yard or on the terrace and spread an autumnal feeling.

2. Idea: Colorful Strauß of Gladiols and Pampasgras Violette Gladiolen und Pampasgras ergänzen sich hervorragend, wenn Sie starke Farben und den rustikalen Look mögen. © Flora Press/Visions/Flora Press/Visions Violette Gladiols and Pampas Grass complement each other out when they like strong colors and the rustic look.

A beautiful decorative idea is a classic bouquet with colorful gladiolic (gladiolus) and rustic-tender pampas grass. The elegant violet of the gladiolic causes a lot of joy of colors, while white gladiolus create an interesting contrast. The fluffy pampas grass ensures an eye -catcher - take a lot of the ornamental grass with this bouquet, it is welcome to be the focus. The texture of the decorative grass is completely different from that of the gladiolic and despite the contrast, the plants compensate for a harmonious bouquet of flowers.

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3rd idea: asters and pampas grass on a table Um noch im violetten Spektrum zu bleiben: Auch Astern harmonieren wunderbar mit Pampasgras. © Flora Press/Visions/Flora Press/Visions to stay in the violet spectrum: Asters also harmonize wonderfully with pampas grass.

dark purple tones are among the most beautiful autumn colors. On a long board, asters paired with pampas grass are therefore elegant and inviting as a table decoration. They can be wonderfully combined in their various nuances. heather , purple gladiolus and peat myrtle (Pernettya mucronata) are the perfect trio on a wooden garden table - on bright autumn evenings when the weather is playing along. The fronds of the pampas grass put in a vase, give the whole a note boho-chic.

4th idea: Dwarf pampas grass in pot Zwerg-Pampasgras lässt sich gut im kleinen Kübel halten – und sieht auch in der Mini-Variante noch herbstlich aus. © Flora Press/Melli Freudenberg/Flora Press/Melli Freudenberg Dwarf Pampas Grass can be kept in a small bucket-and also looks in the mini variant in autumn. Incidentally,

in its dwarf variant is just as nice to look at pampas grass-and is easier to integrate than permanent decoration on the terrace or balcony. In addition to the popular dwarf pampas grass (Cortaderia Selloana ‘Evita’), peat myrtle, purple bells (Heuchera) and lemonesthymian (Thymus Citriodorus) provide splashes of color. In summer, the grasses are still delicate green and wear flowers before turning into the typical dust fronds in autumn.

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5. Idea: autumn table combination with pumpkin Mit Dahlien, Kürbissen und Gladiolen im selben Farbspektrum trumpft das Pampasgras richtig auf. © Flora Press/Visions/Flora Press/Visions with dahlias, pumpkins and gladiolic in the same color spectrum properly trumps the pampas grass.

This last decoration idea really brings color to the table again when the last rays of sunshine drop by. Yellow gladiolus and rosé -colored Dahlien (Dahlia) are the heart of this beautiful bouquet. The pampas grass stays in the background here, but still brings a modern touch to this table decoration. It gets really autumn when you arrange natural treasures such as nuts or small cones on a wooden plate. Likewise, small decorative pumpkins are preparing for the coming autumn.

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