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Klopapier joke backfires: Traditional club answers with brutal counterattack!

 Klopapier joke backfires: Traditional club answers with brutal counterattack! London - This tough return carriage was not long in coming! A football-loving Twitter user allowed himself a joke with the English fourth division team Leyton Orient and promptly received the devastating answer. © provided by TAG24 Nathan (right) provoked a brutal counterattack with his fanshop campaign of the Leyton Orient social media department.

  Nach Waldbrand: Besucherzahlen stimmen Touristiker optimistisch © provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung to Waldbrand: Visitor numbers Touristists optimistic

The tourism companies in Saxon Switzerland have to fight the third year in a row. First the hoteliers and restaurateurs met Corona pandemic. In the lockdown, the facilities had to close for months. In the summer of last year, severe storms, which left damage in the millions, especially in Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna, caused a restless season. This year the next crisis started through the devastating forest fires in the Saxon Switzerland National Park in July and August. The ban on forest coverage started a wave of cancellation in the middle of the main season, which the industry bag again.

Glasner about quality difference: "It is difficult for me to accept something like this"

 Glasner about quality difference: After the 0-2 defeat in the European Supercup, Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner was optimistic of being able to move the performance limit of his team up and the backlog To reduce teams like Real Madrid. The coach criticized the establishment of the upcoming Bundesliga game. © Imago/Revierfoto ambitious: Eintracht Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner. Eintracht coach rewarded Borré and Co.

is one of the tourists in Saxon Switzerland affected by it. Uwe Henkenjohann. It runs several gastronomy and hotel companies in the region: the mountain restaurant on the papal stone, the "turntable" in the Bad Schandau train station and the mountain industry on the Kuhstall. At the beginning of 2021, the "Quartier 5" was added in Gohrisch, a country hotel with a high gastronomy, which was previously known as "Anna's Hof".

"Certainly leave fires and floods in a national park like ours at times. But these make Saxon Switzerland exciting and interesting again and again, because such events are part of it," says Uwe Henkohann on the occasion of the world tourism day at the end of September. He himself was born and grew up in the region. For him, tourism is not only a job, but also the care and preservation of home. Against this background, the industry is an economic factor that has not been noticeable.

browser and operating systems in August 2022: Windows 11 passes

 browser and operating systems in August 2022: Windows 11 passes © provided by Dr. Windows Statistics Cover Around ten months after market launch is now Windows 11 more widespread than Windows 7, so the statistics of Statcounter say it. in August Windows 11 was able to increase comparatively clearly and increase its share to 13.08 percent. For a system that is mainly sold with new PCs and whose upgrade is not explicitly promoted by Microsoft by Microsoft, this is quite decent.

was all the more incomprehensible for him, as some national media reported on the forest fires in the rear Saxon Switzerland in July and August. Some would have advised against a visit to Saxon Switzerland out of pure sensational reporting, as he says. Although actually only a tiny fraction of the national park was closed due to the extinguishing work. "As if you deliberately want to torpedo all efforts, to stabilize the already tense situation," he criticizes.

In the national park region, there would have been enough hiking, walking and bike paths all the time that were not closed. Here, too, visitors could have enjoyed the landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

"I am all the more pleased that the number of visitors in the past few weeks has also noticeably attracted a view of the coming months," says Uwe Henkenjohann. A positive effect that makes him optimistic.

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The help of the Free State is also positive. Due to the crises in 2021 and 2022, Saxony had set up a funding program with a total of 9.3 million euros. This is intended to support the tourist companies in the restart after the corona -related restrictions. In addition, after the forest fire in Saxon Switzerland, an immediate aid program of around 1.9 million euros was launched. "In addition, marketing campaigns were reoriented to address even more people nationally," explains Henkenjohann.

In Lyon, the new exhibition of the Museum of Confluences plunges in the heart of the rivers of the world .
The rivers are the star of the new exhibition of the Grand Museum Lyon, visible until August 27, 2023. A project that tells, through the Mythology and history, the story of these rivers linked to civilizations, around the world. © supplied by Franceinfo through the course we the rivers, the Museum of Confluences of Lyon offers until the end of the summer of 2023 a trip to the depths of the rivers. In immersion with the rivers The Museum of Confluences of Lyon was born from the water meeting.

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