Enthusiasts: A shark swimming in the street in Florida

10, Downing Street: A sinister campaign for the Tory

 10, Downing Street: A sinister campaign for the Tory © Justin Tallis succession The two finalists at the succession of the tenant of 10, Downing Street are Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. Thirteen days after Boris Johnson's forced resignation, the conservative party has the names of the two finalists for his succession: Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. The first, former Minister of the Economy, precipitated the fall of Prime Minister by resigning with a crash on July 5.

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A shark was seen swimming in the city of Fort Myers in Florida.

The state located in the southeast of the United States has recently been struck by Hurricane Ian and many cities have been flooded.

A resident of the city filmed the scene in which we can see the animal stroll through the flooded streets of Fort Myers.

The authorities had previously warned the inhabitants that they could meet wild animals that they are not used to seeing as alligators or bears.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had declared before the arrival of the hurricane: "You may be more likely to see alligators, snakes and bears, so don't forget to stay vigilant and let them from space.

nearly 2.6 million households are deprived of electricity after the passage of Hurricane Ian.

Fischer finds gigantic head of a huge shark - bitten off! .
An Australian fisherman has found the gigantically large head of a makoha. This was bitten off. © Facebook/TrapManbermagu Huge, bitten haikopf in front of Australia (Collage). Fischer finds gigantic head of a Makohais The Australian Fischer Trapman Bermagui has now made a gruesome discovery. From the depth off the coast of New South Wales, he pulled the huge head of a makoha - this was bitten off.

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