Enthusiasts: Virginie efira crisp: it is displayed in a short dress and tights for an ultra fun sequence

Simon Castaldi unfaithful: this virginie tale pique in Adixia…

 Simon Castaldi unfaithful: this virginie tale pique in Adixia… © Starmag.com Simon-Castaldi-Infidele-Pique-de-Virginie-Conte-Adixia After the apprentice adventurers, Virginie Conte On the poster of season 2 of the rest of the world, which is currently being broadcast on W9. And the least we can say is that the pretty blonde is once again talking about her. Separated from Nicolo , it was as single that she participated in this new shooting. But she quickly consoled herself in the arms of another candidate. The latter is none other than Simon Castaldi .

Virginie Efira craquante : elle s’affiche en robe courte et collants pour une séquence ultra fun © Action Press / Bestimage Virginie Efira Criquale: it is displayed in a short dress and sticky for an ultra fun sequence even when it does not Not playing, the Franco-Belgian actress has the gift of making everyone crack. Invited to push the song on the set of the Canal Plus show, as an aside, Virginie Efira gave himself to a demonstration of karaoke as glamor in a short black dress and near the body. A star, a real one! Does the talent of Virginie Efira have no limit

? This is the question that the public is entitled to ask. For more than a month, we have only been talking about her, we only see her, we hear her! And for good reason: with Two very beautiful films to his credit released in September in September - and two films which bring the public into the room, what is more - Virginie Efira has become the most "bankable" actress of its generation. Even when she has no hot topical to defend, it is towards her that an institution like the leadership of the International Film Festival in Cannes turns to entrust her with the pivotal role of mistress of ceremonies. A role that she has, moreover, fulfilled with brilliance this year subjugating the audience by landing on the stage in a split tuxedo dress and (very) neckline . To believe that it is enough for him to appear somewhere so that nothing else exists around her. No later than last week, The 45-year-old actress eclipsed all the other stars present at the Saint-Laurent parade by daring a breathtaking look in transparent lace from the head to the feet at the top of the trends Fall-Winter 2022-2023 mode. And yet in front of her, there was heavy and "pros" from Fashion Week with the presence at the forefront of Kate Moss or Carla Bruni . This is what we could call "the Efira effect"! YOUR BROWSER DOES Not support this video

crisp Angèle in pink mini skirt and white tank top

 crisp Angèle in pink mini skirt and white tank top © Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage crisp in mini pink skirt and white tank top To inaugurate the "Chanel Summer Tour", the Belgian singer made stop in Saint-Tropez accompanied by the Music producer Caroline de Maigret. The opportunity to push the song but also to offer us an unprecedented outfit of the brand with double C ... The 26 -year -old composer has an scheduled schedule at the moment . After two years of health crisis, festivals are in full swing this summer.

Virginie Efira to die for in black and sticky mini-back: this completely crazy sequence where she tries a karaoke! The return of Virginie Efira looked like a long promo marathon

. From preview in festival, the pretty quadra has multiplied red carpets and glamorous outfits. Remember the short and asymmetrical dress that revealed her pretty legs which she wore at the Venice Mostra! Also remember the Corset Esprit Lingerie that it dared at Tiff, the Toronto Film Festival a few days later!


See the glamorous look and the sexy leg game of Virginie Efira in black dress and sticky during her karaoke

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