Enthusiasts: Dagmar Berghoff: Ex-day show spokeswoman looks worried about the future

securities business: Commerzbank fights with problems with annual tax certificates

 securities business: Commerzbank fights with problems with annual tax certificates © provided by Handelsblatt A four -digit number of customers was affected by a delay in issuing annual tax certificates. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The Commerzbank stored the securities processing. That is why some customers with several depots are now delaying the exhibition of certificates. Commerzbank has problems with the issuance of some annual tax certificates for 2021. The bank confirmed on request that there have been delays in certain cases.

She has always been known for her strength and iron will. Over twenty years ago, the former " Tagesschau " spokeswoman Dagmar Berghoff (79) lost her husband. Since then, the ex-presenter has been playing everyday life as a single woman and recently said in an interview with the "Spiegel" magazine: "As a single, I feel comfortable. I live beautiful, I am healthy except for a few zipper."

Dagmar Hoffmann © Getty Images Dagmar Hoffmann

In the meantime, the 79-year-old is plagued by some existence fears . In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, Berghoff currently spoke openly about her future and explained what was a lot of worries and why she has to pay more attention to money now.

Bahn has problems with Rheinschiene

 Bahn has problems with Rheinschiene rail drivers due to construction work must be patient on the Rheinschiene towards the south until the night of Tuesday. Because construction work at Müllheim (district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald) lasted longer than planned, the route for local and long-distance transport between Freiburg and Basel was affected, a spokeswoman said. From Bad Krozingen, the section is only accessible in one way. ICE trains from Cologne towards Switzerland only drove to Karlsruhe on Monday.

Dagmar Berghoff talks about money worries: "When purchasing, I use cheap brands"

The TV legend revealed "Bild": "I am afraid of the electricity bill that will come soon. Pay also when shopping I exactly on the prices. " In addition to her own pension, Dagmar Berghoff also gets "a small pension" from husband Peter Matthaes († 67), but the 79-year-old says more taciturn about her financial situation: "I can get it right." In conversation with "Bild", the former "Miss Tagesschau" also revealed: "If I feel very much in the desire for salmon, I can allow myself. At the cash register 100 euros, although there is hardly anything in the shopping basket. "

dagmar Berghoff: She is afraid of high bills

, especially in her own four walls, Dagmar Berghoff is therefore paying attention to the costs: "For a week I have only switched on by my six radiators. In front of the high bills, I limit myself as much as I shop. " A sad situation, but the former moderator still tries to stay positive. Compared to "Bild" she made it clear: "I am sorry for all people who are having problems. It shouldn't be that old people are freezing or hungry in their apartments."

Environmentalist against Mercedes: Decision expects

 Environmentalist against Mercedes: Decision expects The Stuttgart Regional Court today wants to announce a decision on the climate lawsuit of the German Environmental Aid (DUH) against Mercedes-Benz. © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa Mercedes-Benz, according to a spokeswoman, wants to be fully electric until the end of this decade. The environmentalists are calling for climate -friendly conversion of the car manufacturer.

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