Enthusiasts: Virologist: To expect higher Corona numbers in autumn

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The virologist Helmut Fickenscher expects more Corona infections in the north in the coming months. "Higher number of cases can of course be expected realistically, but higher numbers of cases do not also mean more frequent serious or fatal diseases," said the head of the Institute for Infection Medicine at the University of Kiel from the German Press Agency. "Even with the locally exorbitant fall rates after the Kiel Week, this was not a major problem."

, according to a study published by the Robert Koch Institute, under the direction of Fickenschers, the seven-day incidence after the summer festival without Corona restrictions in the region temporarily in the region. In the same period, however, there was a weak increase in hospitalization, serious illnesses or deaths. Due to the secretion rules, the high number of infections led to extensive personnel failures in hospitals. As a result, the number of occupily hospital beds on normal stations also fell strongly.

However, no home office and test requirements for companies

 However, no home office and test requirements for companies The planned corona requirements for companies in autumn have been defused: the companies should not be obliged to offer their employees home office and tests. The Federal Cabinet decided on Wednesday in Meseberg in Brandenburg on Wednesday. According to this, employers should only examine home office and test offers for the employees as part of a hygiene concept. The new regulation is scheduled to apply from October 1 to April 7, 2023.

"Despite the enormously high infection figures this year, the proportion of serious or fatal disease processes has remained low compared to previous years," said Fickenscher. Compared to previous years, the population has achieved much better vaccination protection. In addition, a relevant part of people survived at least one infection and thus an even better immunization.

In addition, the therapeutic possibilities have become significantly better. In other European countries, this is taken into account more clearly in their regulations than in Germany, for example also in the secretion rules, said Fickenscher. "New variants with reinforced immunevasion will certainly occur, but there is currently no clue to new variants with increased pathogenicity." The precautionary argumentation by Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was useful so that adequate preparations could be made for this case that could not be excluded. The SPD politician called for precautionary measures and vaccinations in Berlin on Friday, but was also confident with a view to the coming months.

wave of illness arrives in clinics: Brandenburg takes Berlin children on .
Corona and Influenza puts pressure on the Märkische Hospitals. Number of patients increases, personnel ceiling is often thinned out © Photo: DPA/Marijan Murat Archive-25.11.2021, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart: A patient with the respiratory sync virus (RS virus or RSV) is located in a children's ward of the Olgahospital of the clinic Stuttgart in a bedside. The children's clinics in Germany are currently having great difficulty to provide all seriously ill small patients.

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