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Enthusiasts: France provides gas directly to Germany

EU Before agreement on Gas emergency plan

 EU Before agreement on Gas emergency plan A gas emergency plan for the EU for this winter has been reached within reach: EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson said on Tuesday before a special meeting of the Minister of EU Energy in Brussels, she is expecting a political agreement . Similarly, the Czech Minister of Industry and Commerce Jozef Sikela, whose country is currently the chairmanship. © Ina Fassbender The Minister of Energy of the EU countries will advise on a special meeting in Brussels on Tuesday about a gas emergency plan.

from France for the first time since Thursday, gas has been flowing directly to Germany for the first time. At 6:00 a.m., gas came to Germany via the Medelsheim border town in Saarland, said the French gas network operator Grtgaz. Initially, the amount was 31 gigawatt hours a day, and up to 100 gigawatt hours are planned a day - around three percent of the amount that Germany is currently importing every day. The gas stores in this country are now almost 95 percent filled.

Frankreich hat im Rahmen der deutsch-französischen Energiepartnerschaft am Donnerstag erstmals Gas direkt nach Deutschland geliefert. Um 06.00 Uhr morgens floss erstmals Gas aus Frankreich über den Grenzort Medelsheim nach Deutschland. © Eric Piermont France delivered gas directly to Germany as part of the Franco-German energy partnership on Thursday. At 6:00 a.m., gas from France for the first time flowed across the border town of Medelsheim to Germany.

"Merci Beaucoup, Grtgaz", the head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller. The French gas deliveries about Saarland "help German security security".

Gas crisis: No reason to panic, say economists

 Gas crisis: No reason to panic, say economists can Germany cope with a complete gas delivery stop in Russia? According to a new study, it can. © Uniper SE Provided by Deutsche Welle "In the event of a stop in Russian Gas imports , neither mass poverty nor folk uprising threatens that Germany has already mastered in the past if it had to face crises," write Rüdiger Bachmann (write ( University of Notre Dame in the US state of Indiana), Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn) and other economists and energy management in the study "How to do".

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and France President Emmanuel Macron had agreed on mutual energy deliveries in early September. In return, Germany delivers electricity to France, where around 30 nuclear reactors are currently shut down due to maintenance work and technical problems.

For the gas deliveries to Germany, a line is used through which gas previously flowed in the reverse direction, including from Russia. It belongs to the Central European gas pipe (megal) that runs across southern Germany towards the Czech Republic.

A technical problem is that the French natural gas is already transferred with sulfur -containing odor substances. In Germany, such substances are only mixed when the gas goes to households. They serve to be perceived by gas faster.

control energy and gas storage - Further levies for gas customers

 control energy and gas storage - Further levies for gas customers on gas customers will be available from October in addition to the gas surcharge for saving important importers. A model budget with an annual consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours from October for control energy and gas storage filling with seven percent VAT with a total of almost 135 euros per year. © Axel Heimken/dpa As of October 1st, further levies are available to gas customers. The levies are added to the already published gas procurement levy (“gas surcharge”) of 2.419 cents (without VAT

In individual cases, it is not excluded "that particularly special and sensitive consumption applications in industry are sensitive to the additional sulfur content in natural gas," says the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs. The network operators in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate should be informed about the deliveries from France the day before so that the addition of odor substances can be adapted or exposed. "Increased gas smell reports" are therefore possible.

As the network agency also reported, the goal in this country, until the beginning of November, is almost achieved. Accordingly, the level was recently 94.97 percent on average, the filling continues.

, according to the Gas Infrastructure Europe (Gie) portal, a whole range of gas stores is 100 percent or almost 100 percent filled. In particular, the most important German storage facility in Rehden is only 83.24 percent busy. According to Gie, the gas memory, which is important for Bavaria in Haidach, which is not incorporated into the German average, is also just under 84 percent.

The Federal Ministry of Economics, meanwhile, intensified its information campaign at the start of the heating season and called again to save energy - despite the currently good supply situation and filled memory. "Gas is a scarce commodity and it is important to handle it carefully," said Minister Robert Habeck (Greens). All areas are required here: economy, public sector and private households.


Agreement: Qatar wants to deliver gas to Germany .
The Qatar Energy Energy Giant has concluded with Germany, according to Katar's Minister of Energy Sharida Al-Kaabi, about liquid gas deliveries. The gas should be sold to the US company Conoco Phillips, which it continues to deliver to Brunsbüttel, said the minister on Tuesday when signing the contract in the Qatarian capital. The delivery is scheduled to begin in 2026 and run for at least 15 years. Up to 2 million tons are to be delivered annually.

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