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Enthusiasts: Glück broken? "Wedding at first glance" dream couple Markus and Jana separated

TV tips on Thursday

 TV tips on Thursday © NDR/ARD Degeto/Sandra Hoever Jule (Marleen Lohse) and Hauke ​​(Hinnerk Schönemann) in 8:15 p.m. Hannah Wagner (Jana Klinge) and Hauke ​​Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann) find a traffic control in a suitcase a cut finger. The driver, in whose car the suitcase was located, does not want to have known anything. He pulls out the business card of a lawyer. He is immediately there, talks to his client alone - and shoots him.

happiness broken? "Wedding at first glance" dream couple Markus and Jana separated

at "Wedding at first glance" everything looked like a happy ending-now Markus and Jana have separated. In the meantime, the groom moved significantly.

Eschweiler-In the final of the current "Wedding at first glance", everything looked like Jana (26) and Markus (32) found their great happiness in each other. After the final discussion, the 26-year-old gave her loved one the first "I love you" in the Sat.1 show-but now the dream couple is said to have separated.

"Wedding at first glance" pair indicated separation-love-off for Jana and Markus

everything ends with Markus and Jana? It seems so. At “Wedding at first glance”, the two of them still fell in love, also divided a number of photos on Instagram outside the show, on which they showed each other side by side, and were so quickly considered the absolute dream couple of the relay.

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  Glück zerbrochen? „Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick“-Traumpaar Markus und Jana getrennt © provided by Merkur Photo © Sat.1/Christoph Assmann & Screenshot/Sat.1/Wedding at first glance

then the bitter setback: Even before the separation was officially, Oliver (43) and Michaela (34), revealed who also took part in “Wedding at first glance” that a couple separated after the filming. At, the two chatted that a couple had been "separated for weeks" - even though there was still healing world in the final.

after a surprising “wedding at first glance” separation-Markus wants to fight for Jana

a statement that Markus shared via Instagram, now confirms the suspicion that the separate can be about him and his Jana: “First was I sadly, desperate, injured, now I'm just disappointed and sour, ”says the 32-year-old, who is currently not quite as good to speak at first glance at first glance” partner: “I think it Sad that my wife prefers to write about her current situation with another candidate than to make a pronunciation with me. ”

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has not yet been given a pronunciation, the caretaker has shown through. He made mistakes himself, he admits openly - but apologized. In conclusion, it says: "But what I don't apologize for is that I love Jana over everything and that I fight for her."

he apparently would also like to follow his words: At first glance "at first glance" Instagram -Account posted a photo of her wedding rings and wrote: "I dedicate this page Jana." It is quite possible that the last word has not yet been spoken. Another candidate of the Sat.1 show recently made a statement: the fleeting “wedding at first glance” groom has now reappeared and commented in a statement. sources used:,

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