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Enthusiasts: don't feel like mulled wine? - Hot Aperol is the perfect winter drink

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Are you looking for an alternative to classic mulled wine? Try hot aperol! The hot mix of aperol, white wine and apple juice is the perfect winter drink to warm up.

Hot Aperol Dmytro Skorina/ gettyimages © dmytro Skorina/ GettyImages Hot Aperol DMYTRO Skorina/ GettyImages

In the winter time, the Mulled wine traditionally has its fixed place in the closer selection of warm drinks. This month, however, he gets real competition: the hot aperol inspires with its intense taste. Not only real aperol lovers can look forward to this winter drink. Also all those who want to try something new next to the mulled wine.

Hot Aperol Prepare itself for 4 people

The Hot Aperol is very quickly prepared in a few minutes. You can decorate your drink with rosemary, lemon or orange slices or just enjoy it pure. The recipe is sufficient for four people:

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ingredients for the Hot Aperol 31 Aperol 1 bottle of white wine (750 ml) approx. 500 ml apple juice4-5 tablespoons of orange syrup1 Bio-oral wort as desired: cinnamon tag, prepare the hot aperol to as First cut the oranges into thin slices.

Then put the aperol, white wine,

apple juice and the orange syrup in a saucepan and heat the ingredients. Make sure that the liquid does not cook, but is only heated slowly. As soon as the syrup is dissolved and the temperature is pleasantly warm, the hot aperol is ready. Finally, add the orange slices.

you can add some lemon abrasion of a organic lemon and a cinnamon stick.

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Attention! Therefore, you should never drink your tea too hot .
© Unsplash Why too hot tea can be dangerous unsplash it begins to look a lot like Christmas. This not only reveals our advent calendar, but also the view out of the window, because it now looks pretty wintry outside. The first snow has fallen, the people are wrapped in scarves and buffers coat and the window sills decorated for Christmas. Our favorite drink these days? Mulled wine! But if you don't want to stagger through the run -up to Christmas, you also like to use tea.

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