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Enthusiasts: Snowfall: Delays at the Airport Leipzig/Hall

Linke demands the elimination of gas surcharge and debt brake

 Linke demands the elimination of gas surcharge and debt brake DIE LINKE has expressed sharp criticism of Economic Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and accused him of a rip off of gas customers. Member of the Bundestag Sören Pellmann told the German Press Agency: “It should not be that citizens and companies should pay Habeck's nationalization plans. Gas surcharge and debt brake have to fall, the nationalizations should lead to gas prices at the previous year's level and Robert Habeck should vacate his ministerial armchair.

Strong snowfall led to delays at Leipzig/Halle Airport on Friday morning. The reason was the winter use of the clearing vehicles and the de -icing of the aircraft, said Uwe Schuhart, spokesman for Mitteldeutsche Airport AG. There were no flight cancellations until morning. It was not so wintry at the Dresden Airport, so there were no impairments in the flight schedule.

Eine Passagiermaschine startet von einem Flughafen. © Julia Cebella/dpa/symbol image A passenger machine starts from an airport.

"We were prepared for the snowfall, finally the airport's own winter service observes the weather around the clock," emphasized shoe species. According to him, more than 70 winter service vehicles are available at the Leipzig/Halle airport alone.

Dobrindt demands: Discard plans for nuclear power shutdown in spring! .
Munich/Berlin - CSU Landes group leader Alexander Dobrindt (52) asked the traffic light coalition to forego the shutdown of the three remaining nuclear power plants in mid -April of next year. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa CSU national group leader Alexander Dobrindt (52) has a clear idea of ​​the future in terms of nuclear power in Germany. Kay Nietfeld/dpa "The stability of the energy supply in Germany is not permanently secured.

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