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With these 9 H & M decorative pieces, your apartment gets more personality

 With these 9 H & M decorative pieces, your apartment gets more personality Large furnishing houses with their bestseller range of more and more apartments are becoming increasingly similar. But how do I actually conjure up some personality in my four walls? We have found the solution at H&M © iStock Show more personality in your apartment iStock Find your color dark green, Bordeau and mustard yellow are generally considered the colors of autumn - pastel tones stand for summer. However, it is much more important that you find your own color.

back 'these sweet cookies for Santa Claus and he thanks you with full boots

on December 6th is Nikolaus - prepare before

everyone is looking forward to the Nichola daily, because this guides you (at least for me) the anticipation for Christmas and the Advent season. The day before Nikolaus is probably the only day of the year on which children voluntarily clean their own shoes . But not only the little ones, but also the big places their boots in front of the door and are happy about sweets and small gifts.

So that Santa Claus can also be happy (and the boots filled well), put a plate of colorful cookies and a glass of milk next to his shoes.

Styling tip: If you pay attention to the "1/3-2/3 rule", each of your outfits is in the trend

 Styling tip: If you pay attention to the We all know it: The wardrobe is filled up to the stop and yet we have nothing to wear . However, there is a very simple explanation for this dilemma. It could be because you combine the pieces incorrectly. And since people are habitual animals , it is particularly difficult for us to tear away old and proven combinations and to think again.

This is how you need a few ingredients:

biscuit dough: 240 g butter, soft200 g sugar2 eggs2 egg vanilla extract380 g flour baking powder1 tl baking soda1 tl soda salz200 g chocolate droplets toppings: sugar streusel chocolate

The preparation is child's play:

oven to 180 ° C pre -air. Stir in the eggs and vanilla extract. Knead with your hands until a homogeneous, firm dough is created. With the help of an icebell portioner, tap the dough portions and place it with sufficient distance on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Put colored chocolate lenses and sugar sprinkles on the dough balls at will and bake slightly. Bake for 20 minutes until the cookies are slightly browned. Let cool and put milk in front of the Santa Claus (or snack yourself).

decoration made of pampas grass: 5 beautiful ideas

 decoration made of pampas grass: 5 beautiful ideas not only in the garden, but also on the terrace or as a table decoration, pampas grass makes a lot. We have five ideas for you how to skillfully use the ornamental grass this autumn as a decoration. Pampasgras (Cortaderia Selloana) is becoming increasingly popular in this country. No wonder that the ornamental grass is now also used as a natural rustic decorative element. The color -neutral pampas grass is wonderfully suitable as a resting component in a bouquet full of colorful flowers.

  Back‘ diese süßen Kekse für den Nikolaus und er dankt es dir mit vollen Stiefeln © provided by Merkur Photo © Simply Tasty

Why does the Nikolaus boots fill?

This custom you have certainly maintained as a child and may even pass it on to your children: On the day before December 6th, a freshly cleaned boot will be put in front of the door so that Santa Claus will give its little gifts and gifts there at night can fill in. But where does that come from?

The custom with the Santa Claus boots, as so often, comes from the Middle Ages . Based on the benefits of St. Bishop Nikolaus, who, according to a true event, has thrown gold lumps through the window in one night.

This was taken over by parents in the Middle Ages by having gifts to their children . The problem: the distribution was unfair because the older children were often far superior to the younger people while catching. Therefore, they went over to fill the gifts into containers brought with them. If they were paused, you quickly picked up boots and socks - after all, everyone had them with them, at least two.

Since clean and shiny shoes have been filled particularly generously, cleaning and decorating the shoes is still needed today.

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Stefanie Giesinger wears her French nails in this surprising combination - and delivers the nail trend 2023 .
Stefanie Giesinger wears her French nails in this surprising combination - and thus delivers the nail trend 2023 © Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast Germany that the model is a big fan of French nails is no secret. With her “ Dotted French Nails ”, she made the dotted variant of the nail design the coolest trend in summer. At the end of the year, she is now presenting a modification of the French Nails-in the “Mix and Match” style. Stefanie Giesinger interprets this minimalist and modern.

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