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Enthusiasts: Run on E-cars cranked car sales in November to

Paris: rising sales but stable prices

 Paris: rising sales but stable prices © AFP/Archives - Philippe Lopez Parisian real estate The number of transactions in the capital jumped 9%over a year in the second quarter 2022 according to the notaries, while the prices remain stable. The Parisian real estate market has entered an unprecedented configuration, according to the latest data published by the Chamber of Notaries of Grand Paris .

Frankfurt (Reuters)-The upcoming reduction in state e-car funding gave the car sales in November.

ARCHIV: Autos auf dem Parkplatz des Auto-Reimport-Unternehmens Simon in Emmering bei München © Thomson Reuters Archive: Cars in the parking lot of the Auto-Reimport company Simon in Emmering near Munich

in the past month, 260,512 new cars were approved and 31.4 percent more than in the previous year's month, the Federal Motor Office announced on Monday . For the first time, more than 100,000 cars with an electric drive went to their first owners, the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) explained to the "annual figure" at the German car market. "Many customers and retailers want to allow as many electric vehicles as possible before the environmental bonus funding is significantly reduced in early 2023," said the Association of International Motor Motor Construction (VDIK). According to VDIK,

tech giants show weaknesses

 tech giants show weaknesses © getty cloudy mood: America's tech giants are used to quick growth and high profits, but now all weaknesses show. The bad news from the technology industry continues: The alphabet holding company around the Internet company Google has submitted significantly poorer quarterly figures than expected. The growth in the advertising business has weakened considerably, the YouTube video page even suffered a loss of sales. The software company Microsoft disappointed with his view.

rolled 50 percent more new cars onto the road with 102,600 pure e-cars and plug-in hybrids than in November last year. Almost four out of ten new cars had a battery drive. Plug-in hybrids were particularly in demand, because their funding is eliminated in January. From January, the state subsidizes purely electrical vehicles with net list price of up to 40,000 euros with 4500 euros instead of 6000 euros. At the net list price between 40,000 and 65,000 euros, the subsidy drops to 3000 from 5000 euros.

The manufacturers continue to reduce the order congestion, which had arisen due to the lack of semiconductors and other parts due to corona pandemic and Ukraine war. Commercial new registrations increased more in November than that of private car buyers. Electric cars sold better as a car with an internal combustion engine, so that their market share was 22.3 percent with almost 58,000 vehicles in November. Petrol and diesel cars each achieved almost 28 percent market share.

burner-off from 2035? What comes to consumers

 burner-off from 2035? What comes to consumers in a good 12 years should be all new cars in the EU emission -free. Representatives of the European Parliament and the EU countries spoke out for this step on Thursday evening in Brussels. What does the decision for drivers mean? The most important questions and answers: © Marcel Kusch/dpa exhaust gases come from the exhaust of a car in the backlight of the rising sun. What exactly was decided? The EU agreed that the so -called fleet limit values ​​for cars should decrease to zero by 2035.

"Disappointing Car Year"

"At the end of a disappointing car year there is hope for a small final sprint," said Vdik President Reinhard Zirpel. There are also indications of good registration figures for December. Nevertheless, the market remains at a low point with a total of 2.6 million new cars. From January to November, the office issued 2.33 million new registrations. Thanks to the strong increase in November, the minus in the previous course of the year decreased to 2.4 percent compared to the same period after 5.5 in October.

The pre -crisis level is a long way off, the VDA also explained. By the end of November, around 30 percent fewer cars had been re-approved than in the comparison period of the pre-crisis year 2019. The lack of pre- and intermediate products as well as the high energy and raw material prices continued to dampen the market and production. The order intake of the German manufacturers from domestic in November fell by 37 percent in November, which was only a good two percent from abroad.

(Report by Ilona Wissenbach. Edited by Olaf Brenner. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial management at [email protected])

first million pure electric cars within reach .
The stock of pure electric cars on German roads is approaching one million. The value could be reached in early 2023, as model calculations by industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, in the event of an extreme admission boost even in December. However, this is rather unlikely, he told the German Press Agency. © Patrick Pleul/dpa An electric vehicle from VW is charged at a electricity filling station.

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