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Enthusiasts: "In all friendship" mystery: Excess

In Lyon, the gallery that welcomed William Klein's latest retrospective cries a friend

 In Lyon, the gallery that welcomed William Klein's latest retrospective cries a friend a few months before his death, photographer William Klein was the subject of a retrospective in the Reverber, a Galerie Lyonnaise who had been able to tie links friendship with this demanding man. © supplied by Franceinfo on September 10, the photographer, director, director and American graphic designer William Klein died at the age of 96 in Paris, where he had lived since 1947. That day, Catherine Dérioz and Jacques Damez lost a friend and a kind of landmark.

Consciousness currently have to do without new episodes from the Sachsenklinik, because instead, the first to repetition is based on repetitions. It was only on December 20 that we will learn how the series favorites will continue - even in a double episode (with episode 997 and 998).

© MDR/Saxonia Media In aller Freundschaft: Arzu und Kai erfahren vom Pest-Alarm In all friendship: Arzu and Kai learn from the plague alarm in all friendship: Future radiation of the series in the unclear How to continue afterwards is a great mystery. There was already talk of social media that 1,000 will soon be celebrated, but in the preview of the ARD program you search in vain for further "in all friendship" broadcast dates after December 20. For Tuesday, December 27th, "who knows something XXL" is planned, but there are still no broadcast dates for January. So how will it go on in the future?

on Instagram, the series makers revealed that the top 2 episodes from a spectator voting will be repeated in January in the first one, but also here: no mention of when we again after the Christmas double enjoyment with current stories from the Saxon Clinic can calculate.

"Tori and Lokita": the Brothers Dardenne always overwhelming with a film on the refugees, Prize of the 75th Cannes Festival

 twice Palme d'Or in Cannes with "Rosetta" and "The Child", the brothers Jean- Pierre and Luc Dardenne could not ignore the subject of African refugees in Europe in a story of friendship that touches in the heart. © supplied by Franceinfo after two gold palms for Rosetta in 1999 and the child in 2005, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne won the special prize of the 75th Cannes Festival for Tori and Lokita that goes out Wednesday October 5.

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"In all friendship - the young doctors": Sad news for the spectators! The best deals of the day at Amazon!*

in all friendship: Dark forecast for 3 favorites! According to the fan side, is said to have to worry: From March 1006, the 26th season of the series is to be heralded from March. *Affiliate-Link

What Elon Musk with Michael Burry's decision to no longer delete tweets has to do .
Michael Burry announces changes in his Twitter behavior. © provided by Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images • Burry said displacement waves in 2022 • No more deleted posts on Twitter • Burry shows confidence in Musk Michael Burry is known for his short bet against the American Real estate market that made him a million dollar winner. Due to the 2008 financial crisis, the investor became a legend, in 2015 his story was filmed in "The Big Short".

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