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Enthusiasts: Nena, Maffay and Westernhagen: X-MAS show in the locomotive shed Bebra delighted the guests

Jean-Luc Mélenchon “cries with happiness”: this news that delights him!

 Jean-Luc Mélenchon “cries with happiness”: this news that delights him! © Jack Tribeca / Bestimage Jean-Luc Mélenchon “Cries with happiness”: this news that delights it! On his Twitter account, Thursday, October 6, Jean-Luc Mélenchon shared his feelings about the Nobel Prize that received Annie Ernaux. A news that has truly amazed the politician. An excellent news in the eyes of Jean-Luc Mélenchon . at 71, politician is clearly passionate about literature. As proof, he has already written several works during his political career.

Nena, Maffay and Westernhagen: X-MAS show in the locomotive shed Bebra delighted the guests

in the locomotive shed was hardly available.

Bebra - from the first second everyone was in a good mood. The fans as well as the stars who gave everything that were repeatedly infected by the excellent mood and inspired the audience: Andreas further and his seven -person band, Simone Bartel alias Lena as Nena, Andreas Engel as Peter Maffay. Together they celebrated, yes they lived a sensational Christmas show that was probably one of the highlights of the year in the locomotive shed.

is due to the fact that locomotive boss Matthias Bähr and Andreas will continue to say one or the other Budweweer in the seventh floor of KaDeWe and made plans that concretized themselves after further Bebra appearance. The result: During the second appearance on Christmas Day, the authentic and like a second Peter Maffay, Andreas Engel and like the alter ego of Nena, Lena swirling across the stage. Next year it should go on slightly modified.

Podcast. "The adventures of Papoush and Petit-Pouce: the wild boar of Atalante"

 Podcast. © Istock The first episodes of "Adventures of Papoush and Petit-Pouce: Greek mythology", a series of youth podcasts, is released this Friday, October 21 2022 on the "Ouest-France" podcast wall! Today, Atalante, famous hunter, speaks. Greek mythology. A mysterious and heroic world, in which generations of children have plunged. This is the case of Petit-Pouce, a boy with insatiable curiosity, and with limitless questions.

Angel immediately took the audience with them: After a well-dose-dose sun-in-the-night intro, he enchanted, among other things, with "you", "and it was summer", "I never wanted to be grown up", "ice age", "About You have to go seven bridges "and at the end with the ballad" Because you exist ", which he devoted to his girlfriend Nicole. He had previously surprised them with the presentation of a (engagement?-) ring celebrated by the audience.

at Simone Bartel as Lena as Nena was not quite as dramatic. But a little wilder, because the likeable young lady moved like the German pop icon, she danced like her and she also sang like her. The original to be confused and celebrated by the further Ender friends Ina Koch and Nicole Stutzmann: "Lena is really great!" Everyone saw it that way, because with the Nena-Knaller "Wonder" every shook in the locomotive shed Available cell phone. Lena's appearance was anything but "only dreamed", it was a real "lighthouse".

New home in Baltrum: Alpacas sniff North Sea air

 New home in Baltrum: Alpacas sniff North Sea air The North Sea almost within spit: A small alpaca herd has found a new home on the East Frisian island of Baltrum. After a good one and a half years, the animals had settled in very well, said owner Sandra Bruns-Strenge. The often rough North Sea climate does not interfere with the animals. "Alpacas are very robust," said the islander. "They are quite relaxed, even if it is windy or raining, they are actually always outside." © Sandra Bruns-Strenge/Baltrum/dpa/archive image Two alpacas eat grass

  Nena, Maffay und Westernhagen: X-Mas-Show im Lokschuppen Bebra begeisterte die Gäste © provided by HNA Photo © Wilfried Apel

very different, but also as a "bank", the show of the Marius-Müller-Westernhagen-Doubles Andreas was further. With his six instrumentalists and his congenial singer Nicole Lewik, he was so enthusiastic that the almost 80-year-old Horst Scholz, an avowed MMW fan, said: "He's even better than the original!" Total vocal singer Hajo Schweitzer judged : “The man can do everything. This is just sensational what he does, that's very big cinema! ”Furthermore, you noticed at every moment that he enjoys his role that he is interwoven with her, with MMW, from A to Z. From "I'm doing well" to the turning anthem "freedom", from "rosi" to "sexy", from the encore "ready" to the encore "on a lonely island", with which the show ends after four hours found. (Wilfried Apel)

Animal instinct: this detail in the new France 2 program which divides Internet users (ZAP TV) .
© Capture of France 2 Animal Instinct: this detail in the new program of France 2 which divides Internet users (ZAP TV ) Grande premiere for France 2. This Tuesday, December 27, 2022, the chain launched an animal instinct, a magazine that plunges viewers into the heart of wild fauna. For this first meeting, Tanzania was in the spotlight. If the public was very moved by the beauty of the images, a detail still cried it. Notice to animal lovers and travel followers.

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