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Enthusiasts: money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could Putin push to Heikler 2000 measure

Vladimir Putin soon more in power because of his health problems

 Vladimir Putin soon more in power because of his health problems since the start of the war, the world has been speculating around the health of the Kremlin resident and this are added the many setbacks on the Ukrainian battle fields. © provided by Bang Showbiz Russian President Vladimir Putin has restored a price for women who have 10 or more children.

money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could push Putin to Heikler 2000 measure

War is not only cruel, but also expensive. Russia now also notices that. Wagner boss Prigoschin therefore now increases the pressure on Putin.

Moscow-The Ukraine War has been raging for ten months now. The losses are high. Not only do thousands of people die, material and equipment are also destroyed. The media project Kyiv Independent publishes a list of Russian war losses every day. In addition to over 100,000 soldiers who have now died, the Army of Wladimir Putin is now said to have lost over 6000 rifle tanks, over 3000 fighting tanks, a number of artillery and drones, over 280 aircraft, over 260 helicopters and even 16 ships. Some of the wrecks arouse interest in the BND.

Putin advertises for gas distribution center in Turkey

 Putin advertises for gas distribution center in Turkey The West shows Russia after its war of attack on Ukraine the red card - head of state Putin is looking for new partners. The focus is also on Turkey, who likes to see closer economic relationships.

independently, as is so often the case, the information cannot be checked in the war. Last but not least, the numerous photos of destroyed tanks from the war zones prove that there is a lot of equipment on the Russian side. And it is also clear: such a war, such a destruction is difficult for a large nation like Russia. As the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) now explains, the Silowiki could now tackle a new strategy to fill the health insurers again. The Silowiki are leading people from the security services that are considered an important part of the power of power in Russia.

"Putin's cook" hits delicate demand: Russia will soon move oligarch assets?

When it comes to Jewgeni Prigoschin, the assets of oligarchs should now be on the collar. The financier and head of the Wagner mercenary group, who is also known as "Putin's cook", expressed his thoughts on the financial issue on Christmas Eve at the funeral of a Wagner soldier. According to Prigoschin's will, the Kremlin should therefore confiscate accommodations and luxury goods from elites, who have so far refused war support from concern about loss of their privileges.

Moscow is supposed to go “all in”: Russian mercenaries want to expand their power in the Kremlin through the war

 Moscow is supposed to go “all in”: Russian mercenaries want to expand their power in the Kremlin through the war one of Putin's closest confidants should use the Ukraine War to rise themselves. Other high officials want an end to war. © Photo: Photo: Florent Gustes/AFP Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group. US and European officials report that Jewgeni Prigoschin , one of the closest confidants of Russian President Vladimir Putin, uses conflicts in connection with the Ukraine decline to gain more influence even within the Kremlin. The writes the US news portal "CNN".

A sign of money shortage in war? That is unclear. According to "Putin's Koch", which recently noticed the EU with a drastic show, the said group of oligarchs supports a vision in which "Western curators" dominate Russia and promote their lifestyle in return. Prigoschin also compared today's Russian oligarchy with Ukraine or Russia in the 1990s.

  Geldnot im Kreml? Vorschlag von Wagner-Boss könnte Putin zu heikler 2000er-Maßnahme drängen © provided by Merkur Photo © Picture Alliance/dpa/AP | Uncredited

west-oriented oligarchs as a "danger" for Russia: Prigoschin wants confiscation

It would not be the first time that Prigoschin in his function as a high-ranking confidante of Putin, such as an event for a funeral service for a Wagner-Sölnde advertising for his own political goals and Makes ideas. He already used a similar situation to promote the legalization of the Wagner group in Russia. According to ISW, his new statements on the redistribution of wealth in Russia's elite also met with broad approval in like -minded military bloggers. The ISW therefore assumes that Prigoschin uses such populist suggestions to strengthen his authority or to drive a return to stricter nationalization measures.

The CIA and Russian SVR directors meet in Turkey

 The CIA and Russian SVR directors meet in Turkey by Guy Faulconbridge and Humeyra Pamuk London/Washington (Reuters) - the director of the American CIA, William Burns, is in Turkey to transmit to his counterpart of the SVR Russian, Sergei Narichkin, a message addressed to President Vladimir Putin on the consequences that a Moscow's decision would have to use nuclear weapons, said the White House.

At Wladimir Putin, the Wagner boss could certainly come across open ears. The Kremlin boss himself had verbally attacked Russian oligarchs a few days before Christmas. According to him, Russians, who would have Russian money abroad and have no connection to their home country, represent a "danger".

Heikler proposal from the Wagner boss: With nationalization measures, Wladimir Putin is also familiar with strict nationalization measures. In the early 2000s, he himself drove the nationalization of large companies "to strengthen his authoritarian kleptocracy", as the ISW continues. According to the experts, Putin may now try to use the nationalization "to force elites to support his war in Ukraine, or to confiscate their ownership to finance military spending."

Another saving option for Russia? End the war. Vladimir Putin suddenly spoke of it. (Han)

Putin's Bavarian agitator Yulia P. reports back .
New postings on Telegram Putins Bavarian rush Yulia P. reports back © t - Online The Russian russian Yulia P. living in Landshut is back. The influencer reports from "freedom" - although she has never been arrested. She danced enthusiastically from pictures of a bomb attack that kills civilians in the Ukrainian Dnipro, she asked Europeans to burn the gas stove for Putin and she mocked Ukrainians on the net and on the edge of Demos - until a search of the Bavarian Police .

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