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News: Government Stops Promotion for Energy Efficient Buildings

First Held Palmmeter Since October 2019

 First Held Palmmeter Since October 2019 With its second held Bundesligael feet, Robin Zentner was one of the matchwinner at the 1-0 of Mainz 05. As a sign for the cup match against Bochum he does not want to know that. © Getty Images Robin Zentner holds the penalty of Sebastian Polter (Li.). first held penalty since October 2019 In the 14 tries previously it had only worked once. On October 5, 2019, Zentner held a penalty against Jamilu Collins at the 2-1 victory in Paderborn.

In the light of an application flood and a "malcontact", the new federal government has preliminarily stopped promoting energy-efficient buildings and plans a fundamental reform.

Eine Baustelle für Mehrfamilienhäuser in Hannover. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA A construction site for multi-family houses in Hanover.

, as the Federal Ministry of Health and Climate Protection Ministry, applications are no longer approved by the State Funding Bank KfW.

finally adjusted is the newly promotion of the so-called efficiency house, which would have expired to the end of the month. Background is an enormous application flood in the month of January, especially for the new construction promotion, which significantly exaggerates the services provided.

German companies want to connect with British wind farms

 German companies want to connect with British wind farms at the expansion of wind power before the British coast may also involve German companies after an auction. © Jens Büttner / dpa central picture / dpa wind turbines of the offshore wind farm "Baltic 2" before Rügen. The Karlsruher Energy Group EnBW and the British BP were supplemented by Monday for a nearly three gigawatt wind farm in front of the Scottish East Coast. According to Crown Estate Scotland, they pay the seabed, an option fee of 85.9 million pounds (around 103 million euros).

Promotion for renovations should be resumed as soon as appropriate budgetary resources are provided. About the future of new development promotion is decided quickly against the background of the funds available in the energy and climate funds and the medium needs of other programs.

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«The application stop is a sad and disappointing message for the applicants concerned», explained Patrick's energy-rate secretary Patrick Graichen. "We would like to avoided this step. However, in recent years, it has been failed to adapt the support and statutory new building standards. Instead, an outdated promotion was updated, which sets false incentives. » These false incentives had last produced an unprecedented run to the means. "A stop of the old promotion was therefore unavoidable. As a new Federal Government, we take this dismissal situation as a reason to reorder the promotion and legal standards for new buildings quickly. "

With the so-called efficiency house 55, a standard with taxpayers is promoted, which has long since enforced on the market, as Graichen. "But: where climate protection is on it, climate protection must be in it. Currently we promote the wrong and this money is then lacking in fact effective climate protection measures, for example in the important building renovation. This can not go on like this."

funding should be used in the future where the CO2 saving is highest, so great. This is the case in the building area, especially in remedial measures. Graichen introduced the black-red predecessor government a "massive climate-political and fiscal misconception".

Employment, the best allied purchasing power .
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