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News: "Significant Signal": New push brings movement in debate about euthanasia

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Almost two years after a pioneering ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, movement comes back to the debate for new legal regulations for euthanasia in Germany. Even before the election, two precursors had been presented from the Bundestag. On Thursday, another group cross-group launched an initiative. "We want to enable the assisted suicide, but we do not want to promote him," said the SPD member Lars Castellucci in the presentation of a bill in Berlin. If access is easier than too palliative supply, caring care or psychotherapy, a dangerous dangerous situation.

Die Bundestagsabgeordneten Lars Castellucci (SPD, l-r), Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Bündnis90/Grüne), Benjamin Strasser (FDP), Ansgar Heveling (CDU) und Kathrin Vogler (Linke) stellen im Haus der Bundespressekonferenz einen Gesetzentwurf zur Suizidbeihilfe vor. © Picture Alliance / DPA The Bundestag MEPs Lars Castellucci (SPD, LR), Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Alliance90 / Green), Benjamin Strasser (FDP), Ansgar Heveling (CDU) and Kathrin Vogler (Linke) introduce one in the house of the Federal Press Conference Bill for suicide aid.

The group of deputies penetrates in a supplementary application for a strengthening of individual offers, for example, for debtor or addiction consulting, such as Benjamin Strasser (FDP) said. In the core, according to draft "to protecting the freiteratility of the decision to self-suffrality", the business promotion of self-suffrality is fundamentally under punishment - but with a derogation for adults: to determine the free decision without internal and external pressure, should usually two investigations by a specialist or a specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy in the distance of three months and a comprehensive inferior consultation.

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Regulatory Opportunities: Consulting obligations or waiting periods

background is a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court. Twenty years ago, a ban on traditional euthanasia existed since 2015 had tipped, as it violates the right of the individual on a self-determined die. In doing so, "business" has nothing to do with money, but means "created for repetition". The verdict encourages organized offers - but also with regulatory options such as consulting obligations or waiting periods.

to the group presenting the new advance also includes the deputies Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Greens), Ansgar Heveling (CDU) and Kathrin Vogler (Left). Among the first supporters are the draft Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) and Education Minister Bettina Stark Watzinger (FDP), each in their function as a Member. An orientation debate or other parliamentary recording are targeted. About such group applications for ethical questions is usually decided without fractional specifications.

prior proposal rejected

a year ago - two initiatives have already been presented in the previous electoral term. A group of MEPs of FDP, SPD and Left placed a draft, which should open access to self-sufficiency drugs - but with protective concepts and advice. With-initiator Katrin Helling-Plahr (FDP) criticized the new proposal presented now, which provides a "renewed recourse on criminal law".

"Instead of cropping people again in their right to a self-determined life, we should secure this right with a liberal euthanasia law." The green parliamentarians Renate Künast and Katja Keul had submitted their own proposal for a new regulation. (dpa)

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