News: US President Biden in Europe: More Symbolism as a substance?

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 Colombia: The Left Petro candidate at the doors of power © Luisa Gonzalez / Reuters The left candidate Gustavo Petro is the favorite of the Colombian presidential election that must take place on May 29. Colombians were called upon to vote on Sunday, March 13 to refer to one of the three coalitions that presented themselves to the primaries for the presidential of May 29. Colombians had to choose between the historical pact that brings together the left parties, the team for Colombia, marked right, and the center of hope, ranked centrist.

US President Joe Biden travels demonstratively to Brussels and the NATO Eastern flank in Poland. It's about more military aid for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. Also talk about massive humanitarian aid for the refugee should be spoken.

US-Präsident Biden verkündet ein Importverbot für Erdöl aus Russland. © AFP US President Biden announces an importer ban for oil from Russia. He never made

illusions. "I do not think you have a soul," he said, according to his own data in 2011 the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the face. Later, he called his opponent in the Kremlin a "killer". Early Joe Biden has released the findings of his intelligence over the threatening Russian raid to Ukraine and urged allies to military aid and sanctions. Now US President Joe Biden personally comes to Europe, where Putin has sparked the worst war for seven decades.

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bidets for four days in Europe

four days will be the 79-year-old, who actually wanted to save America democracy inside and now became the leader of the West in the fight against the Aggressor Putin, stopping on the continent. After landing on Wednesday evening, he is a mammoth program with a NATO summit, a G7 meeting and the meeting of the European Council in Brussels. On Friday, Biden continues to Warsaw, where he should meet on Saturday with the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

A surprise visit in Ukraine, which had been speculated in Washington, apparently does not plan biders. Corresponding rumors had denied his spokeswoman Jen Psaki already at the weekend with a tweet. On Monday she led to the visit of a US President in a war area would bring tremendous safety and logistical challenges: "We did not consider this option."

Ketanji Brown Jackson will become the first African American magistrate to sit in the Supreme Court?

 Ketanji Brown Jackson will become the first African American magistrate to sit in the Supreme Court? © Reuters Ketanji Brown Jackson is summoned Monday to the American Senate to answer the questions of the elected officials in order to be confirmed in his duties as judge at the Supreme Court. Its validation, on Joe Biden's proposal, would be historic. As the Tradition wants, the hearings will last four days, but this time, their stakes are of size: a life nomination for the first African-American magistrate to sit on the benches of the highest court of the country.

biden warns before the use of biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine

Video: NewsFlash to war in Ukraine from 20.03.2022 (Sat.1)

The European visit Biden is at a time as the Russian advance in the Ukraine seems to stick. Straight therefore growing in Washington's worries, Putin could grab even more devastating and unscrupulous means to counteract the impression of a military defeat. He has been urgently warns of biders in the possible use of biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, Russia could conduct under the false flag. On Monday, biders spoke of reinforced instructions on possible cyberattacks against the West. At the same event he acknowledged that the most recent hypershade missiles used by Moscow were "almost not stopped".

, just one hour, Biden had already advised on Monday with Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the heads of government of France, Italy and the United Kingdom. That he now personally comes to Europe, Mountains probably "more symbolism as a substance", the Washington Post analyzes. But it is a clear sign. Thus, the president demonstrates "that he is part of the coalition and is not comfortable on the other side of the Atlantic," said Daniel Hamilton, a former head of the Europa Department in the State Department, the leaf.

Totalnergies renounces Russian oil and diesel by the end of the year

 Totalnergies renounces Russian oil and diesel by the end of the year © Christophe Archambault, AFP The headquarters of the Total Group in the business district of the Defense near Paris, May 28 2021. Under pressure from the triggering of the war in Ukraine, the French energy giant decided Tuesday to "no longer conclude or renew purchase contracts and Russian petroleum products" by the end of 2022. On the other hand, Totalnergies will continue to ensure the supply of Europe in liquefied natural gas from Russia.

Demonstrative School Closure of Allies

In fact, the encounters in Brussels is likely to be a demonstrative shoulder of the allies, the further support of Ukraine, possible new sanctions against Russia and helps for the refugees. Maybe Chancellor Scholz will have to have a few critical questions have fallen. The enthusiasm on the "Turnzeende" in Germany was recently cooled significantly in Washington. Capturing the energy supplies from Russia and reports of sluggish weapons deliveries to Ukraine are registered exactly in the Biden government.

The visit of Biden in Poland should signal to the country on the Eastern flank of NATO demonstrative support. The President will not be tired to emphasize that he rejects a direct involvement of the US and its allies on Ukraine war, but the community will defend every centimeter of its territory in the event of an attack on a NATO Memberany.

overshadowed the conversation with President Duda from the dramatic humanitarian situation in Poland, where has already fled more than two million Ukrainians. The positive role Warsaw in the recording of refugees is drowned out regularly in Washington. The US itself has previously received less than a thousand refuge. It is expected that biders proclaim strong grants for Poland.

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