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News: Tesla stock predatory on the upswind: Tesla Plant Further Stock Split - Lockdown in Shanghai ensures Silvin in Tesla Factory

Deadly accident involving a Tesla: a complaint of the driver against Tesla France

 Deadly accident involving a Tesla: a complaint of the driver against Tesla France A taxi driver had killed a person last December in an accident involving his Tesla branded vehicle. © Radin / Sipa USA / SIPA The driver at the wheel of a Tesla electric taxi that caused a deadly accident in December in Paris complained Friday against the builder Tesla France for "endangering the life of others "said Sunday his lawyer me Sarah Saldmann.

The shares of Tesla have continued their recent recovery rally on Monday in predatory trading.

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Last note 6.32 percent higher at $ 1,074.50. The course plus sums up around one third since mid-March. The electric car manufacturer had announced to obtain the approval of the shareholders for another share split. In a subsequent application to the supervisory authorities, Tesla explained that the change in the founding certificate to increase the number of ordinary shares will enable a split in the form of an active dividend.

Shanghai begins Lockdown - Tesla holds tapes to

The Chinese economic and financial metropolis Shanghai started with Lockdown for its more than 26 million inhabitants. Public life is shut down because of the increasing number of Corona new infections in two stages from this Monday to 05th April. Bridges and tunnels have already been closed, the highway traffic limited. "The containment of the large outbreak in our city is very important, for as soon as the infected people were brought under control, we have blocked the transfer," Wu Fan defended the decision from the Corona expert team of the city. She also announced mass tests. For Sunday alone, asymptomatic corona cases were reported in Shanghai 3450. This corresponds to almost 70 percent of all new infections in China. The Chinese government drives a strict zero-Covid strategy.

NEL ASA share: The Group history of the hydrogen company from Norway

 NEL ASA share: The Group history of the hydrogen company from Norway NEL ASA operates in the industry of renewable energies and is the largest electrolysis company in the world. Everything about the development and development of the company. © Provided by Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • NEL ASA - Pioneer in the electrolyzer installation • 2014 takes place the IPO in Oslo • NEL ASA expands its product portfolio within 13 years to the world's largest hydrogen -Electrolysis company Nel ASA is a Norwegian company that operates in the energy indust

The financial markets react nervously to the Lockdown. From fear of a lower demand from China, investors come back from the crude oil market: The Sorte Brent from the North Sea graduates on Monday by three percent to $ 117.19 per barrel. The US electric automatic Tesla interrupts its production in Shanghai for four days, as two people familiar with the matter to the news agency Reuters said. Employees as well as suppliers were informed. The Chinese chip manufacturer Semiconductor Manufacturing, on the other hand, said that the operation in his factories in Shanghai so far a normal course.

The city administration had surprisingly announced on Sunday to set the operation of public transport. Employees most companies should only work in home office. Excluded are public services and food supply. The districts east of the Huangpu River are to be sealed and tested between March 28 and April 1st. The western districts follow from 01 to April 5th.

to E cars and solar roofs: Elon Musk announces part 3 of his "secret master plan" on

 to E cars and solar roofs: Elon Musk announces part 3 of his as Elon Musk 2006 introduced the first part of his so-called "Master Plan", he was still smiled. Unsreachable his visions of affordable electric cars for the masses, insignificant and small seemed Tesla at the time. In the meantime, the billions-heavy Tesla CEO has proven several times that he implements his plans - no matter how ambitious they seem - in action.

On Saturday, a Lockdown of experts had been excluded. "Why can Shanghai be not locked? Because it is not only a city with residents, but also a city with a very important role in China's economy," Wu Fan had said an expert of the leading team of experts for epidemic fighting of the city.

The second largest economy in the world to create the resurrection of the Corona Pandemic. The spread of the highly infectious omikron variant has already made important production centers such as Shenzhen and Dongguan this month. There, in many works, the ribbons still stood - from factories for the construction of computer accessories such as Flash drives to car parts. Even on important trading ports, the ships are increasingly stuck.

With the Lockdown of Shanghai, the worries of the German economy must also increase from material and delivery bottlenecks. Finally, China is by far the most important trading partner: between the two countries were last year worth € 245.4 billion and thus 15.1 percent more than in the first Corona year 2020.

New York / Shanghai (DPA-AFX Broker / Reuters)

The prefect of the North prohibits the production of pizzas Buitoni in the plant .
The prefect of the North has banned the production of pizzas within the Buitoni factory in Caudry, after several serious cases of child contamination by the bacteria Escherichia coli and deaths, possibly related to the consumption of these products. © MEINUX / SIPA Northern Prefect forbidded the production of pizzas within the Buitoni plant in Caudry , after several serious cases of child contamination by the Escherichia coli bacterium and deaths, possibly related to consumption.

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