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News: a lot of inflow for hotels and restaurants at Easter awaits

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 Basketball - Euro 2022 (H): Batum Package also © Panoramic Nicolas Batum France Nicolas Batum has announced in an interview to First Team that it would not participate in the euro 2022 in order to physically recover and enjoy and enjoy his relatives. This is the second weight package after Nando de Colo. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? Nicolas Batum entrusted us that he will not participate in the @eurobasket 2022 with the France team in September! - first team (@

Saxony's hospitality awaits on the Easter Days and vacations rain inlet. "We hear positive signals through the bank," said the boss of tourism marketing company, Veronika Hiebl, the German Press Agency. Above all, rural areas are currently in demand at holidaymakers and excursors, such as the Erzgebirge, the Saxon Switzerland and Oberlausitz. Active offers are high in the course. Also in demand are excursion destinations such as zoos, amusement parks and customs like the Easter Riding. The good booking situation at Easter voice positively for the further development of this year. From the level before the Corona pandemic, the industry is still a long way, Stressed Hiebl.

islands expect many Easter vacationers: Arrival wave on Saturday

 islands expect many Easter vacationers: Arrival wave on Saturday with the beginning of Easter holidays this weekend in many federal states, including North Rhine-Westphalia, the East Frisian Islands are on a travel wave. The ferry companies expect many guests who want to go to the islands these days for an Easter holiday and therefore plan partly more ferry connections. "For us, Easter is the start of the season," said Langeoogs mayor Heike Horn (Partilos) of the German Press Agency.

Zwei Gäste stoßen auf der Terrasse mit Bier an. © Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA / archive image Two guests arrive on the terrace with beer.

While private individuals and families lively inland vacations made, it is missing compared to the past business travelers, for example as a trade fair visitors, as well as guests from abroad, explained the main manager of the Hotel and Restaurant Association, Axel Klein. About Easter, however, the hotels are well booked, the restaurants would have many reservations on the holidays. "Nice weather were still the icing. Then Easter would be perfect, "emphasized small overlooking beer gardens.

While many people went back to the restaurant on the weekends and public holidays, the innkeepers are still attracted to customers during the week. Especially the elderly people are often hesitantly after the experiences of the Corona Pandemic. Easter itself has signal effect for the hospitality industry in many regions, said small: "Now it starts again." However,

Opening hours Easter 2022: When do supermarkets are open?

 Opening hours Easter 2022: When do supermarkets are open? When did the supermarkets easter 2022 open? The opening hours at a glance. © is: tree4two / iStock Brochures Supermarket for a long weekend with several public holidays and the meeting with friends and family should be prepared.

Tourism Expert Hiebl expects that this year at vacation people is increasingly drawn abroad and the trend towards domestic tourism, which it gave during the Corona pandemic. Therefore, the tourism marketing company also promotes more abroad for visitors, especially in neighboring countries, explained it. Guests from abroad are an important target group, especially for urban tourism.

"The holiday's holiday is as high as never over the past two years," said Hiebl. With the war in Ukraine and rising prices in many areas of life, however, there would be uncertainties for further development in tourism. That people make their annual holidays compromise, do not believe in it. But it could be saved more about shortest reasons.

also another trend makes working for the hospitality industry increasingly difficult: "The holiday decline is always short-term," said Hiebl. However, anyone who is currently looking for a hotel or a holiday apartment for the Easter holidays in Saxony, have good chances of finding something else, as well as Dehoga Chief Executive Leaders insured. There are still sufficient free capacities, so that a great deal of flexibility in the choice of accommodation would also find a pronouncement.

Easter fire! Polar Bear Eric Mik is hot with family tradition hot for the semi-final .
in the turbo quarterfinals of the polar bears against the Kölner Haie (3: 0 in the best-of-five series), it went hotly hot on the ice. But Eric Mik (22) can not be hot enough. Therefore, there is still a small Easter fire at the Miks in the Schildewower Garden. © Provided by Berliner Kurier "This is tradition with us.

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