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News: Casino Royale: Daniel Craig did not want James Bond

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Casino Royale © FINAIES Royal Casino Casino Royal: The beginnings of Daniel Craig in 007

From his debut in the cinema, the character of James Bond has experienced several lives, with different periods and actors. The public has become accustomed to seeing the famous agent change head throughout the saga. In 2002 comes out on our meter screens another day , which is the last opus led by Pierce Brosnan . As at the end of each chapter, the spectators wonder who will take the place left vacant. It's Daniel Craig who won the role, allowing his career to take flight. Its arc has been rather different from what we have known in the past, with a dramatic tone accentuated and the intimate slope of Bond more explored. It has also been seen, on the form, that the mark went up in range, especially thanks to the work of Sam Mendes on SkyFall and spectrum .

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Casino Royale ©Columbia Pictures © Provided by Filmhenies Casino Royale © Columbia Pictures

All started with the excellent Royal Casino , which launched on the driving hats the period Daniel Craig. It was followed upon his clash with the number, a naughty embodied with Brio by Mads Mikkelsen . The situation was complicated when the secret agent discovered feelings for the lovely Vesper ( Eva Green ).

The actor has almost made the wrong choice

if no more nobody dares to question this incarnation of 007, Daniel Craig could have been able to miss this role in gold. Producer Barbara Broccoli revealed during the documentary Being James Bond (via The Sun ) that the actor was not at all to endorse this costume:

Michael [Michael G Wilson, producer of the franchise] And I really wanted it, but the biggest problem is that he did not want to do it.

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A version confirmed by Daniel Craig:

I had made Arty Bizarre movies. It was hard for sale. And I really did not want to do it, because I thought I would not know what to do with the role. I went to take the script, read it and say "No thanks". But what I did not know is that it was Royal Casino. The story and the scenario were solid.

Retrospectively, now that his era ended, no one dares to tell him he was wrong. On the contrary, he marked the license and, to believe his farewell moving at the end of the filming of to die can wait for , he must be more than proud of his choice. We wish good luck to the personality who will succeed him. At a time when we write these lines, no choice has been made.

Source: Royal Casino: Daniel Craig did not want James Bond

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