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News: Twitter adopts a plan to prevent ELON MUSK from easily redeeming its actions

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Elon Musk souhaite racheter Twitter. © Dado RUVIC / Reuters ELON Musk wants to redeem Twitter.

While Elia Musk wishes to redeem Twitter, the social network has adopted a plan to prevent Tesla's boss from easily redeeing his actions.

Twitter, which is the subject of an unxliced ​​public offer on the part of ELON MUSK , announced Friday, April 15, have adopted a plan to defend itself from this offensive, supposed to prevent the boss of Tesla to easily redeem his actions.

The plan must reduce the possibility that an entity, a person or group does not take control of Twitter by accumulating securities on the market without paying all the shareholders an appropriate premium or without giving sufficient time to the board of directors To make informed decisions, specifies the group in a statement.

The Social Network Twitter Cuts Russia's Propaganda Faucet

 The Social Network Twitter Cuts Russia's Propaganda Faucet © AP - Richard Drew The Twitter Social Network limits more than 300 Russian government accounts, official profiles of departments and embassies, as well as accounts of senior Russian officials . The Twitter Social Network has announced new measures against Russian government accounts to reduce the circulation of Kremlin's propaganda on the social network.

This clause, nicknamed poisoned pill in the financial jargon, will be triggered if the hostile shareholder exceeds the 15% of the Company's shares without the agreement of the Board of Directors (CA). ELON MUSK holds just over 9% of Twitter's capital at this point.

Twitter wants to fight

if it reaches sufficient titles to reach 15%, all other shareholders of the platform will be able to redeem at a reduced price, which would greatly increase the price that the Contractor should pay for Totally put your hand on the social network.

This announcement of Twitter shows that the company based in San Francisco intends to fight against this attempt by the richest man in the world to redeem it to make it a unlisted company.

The Fantasque Billionaire has expressed a proposal to acquire the social network at a price that would value it at $ 43.4 billion, compared with about 36 billion at the moment.

of the "sufficient funds"

he said on Thursday to have sufficient funds, assured that he had a plan b if the it refused his offer, and also that he did not try to make money, during a Live interview at the TED2022 conference.

Very critical of the content moderation policy of Twitter, he claims to make the freedom of expression platform in the world, with fewer limits on what users can tweeter.

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